Thursday, October 29, 2015

MyNotes: Identity Crisis and Account Management #tceasysadmin

Left to Right: Miguel Guhlin, Virgil Kirk

Earlier today, Virgil Kirk and I had the opportunity to share our district's journey in solving a wicked problem--user account management and user provisioning. Whew, it was a big room!

Identity Crisis: Managing User Accounts
Facilitators: Miguel Guhlin (Twitter: @mguhlin), Virgil Kirk (Twitter: @virgilkirk)
If you don't know how to effectively manage user accounts, you'll find yourself wasting your time and generating confusion. Find out how one district has moved from chaos to order and learned to manage Active Directory, GoogleApps, and a multitude of other data sources for user account management. Participants will walk away with a roadmap of suggestions and practical tips, as well as solutions that point the way to success with identity management tools.


Identity Management in Education

  1. Articles on the Subject
    1. The Texas Digital Textbook Data Nightmare - In this engaging comprehensive primer, featuring quotes from Texas school districts, Miguel explores the problem and solutions available. This is a great intro for those struggling with vague notions of what is happening (or not) in regards to data integration.
    2. Data-Driven School Districts Experience Growing Pains - In this "pictures of the problem"-rich article, Miguel shares his journey to find a solution, including job descriptions and expectations.
    3. To the Rescue - @Clever in Texas Schools? - Want to use Clever to in place of or to complement your existing user provisioning solution? Read this article to get answers to key questions!
    4. MyNotes: ClassLink for Rostering - My notes on ClassLink's connection to, a presentation shared at the TCEASysAdmin.
  2. Potential Vendor Partners
    1. Identity Automation
      1. View list of Texas School Districts using product
      2. Contact Info: EST Group ((817) 271-3178) + Identity Automation ((281) 220-0021); Primary Contacts are
        Mark Hanna and Tim Till (, respectively.
      3. Videos: Watch Intro Video | School Case Study
    2. Tools4Ever's UMRA (Watch intro video)
    3. Encore
      1. Watch Intro Video | 1-Hour Video Overview
      2. ESC-11 Information Page
      3. TxCTO Presentation
      4. Encore Comparison to other SSO Solutions
      5. Encore Value Statement
      6. Encore vs Clever Comparison
    4. Rostering Solutions & Single Sign-On
      1. ClassLink with
        1. Find out more
      2. (free for schools, at cost for publishers)
        1. Video: Watch intro video
        2. Video: Student Data Privacy)
        3. What Schools Are Saying about Clever
        4. A Case Study: Sunnyside Schools | PDF
  3. District Links
    1. Data Warehouse Web Site
    2. District Information Systems  - includes digital textbooks.

Here is the feedback shared via the Today's Meet:
I agree George. Highly transient populations... it's a full time job.
Manually adding users in a district of any size is just not sustainable
Have you started using or looked into multi-factor authentication?
Creating different un and diff pw all with diff criteria is a NIGHTMARE!
200 or 200,000 students it is an issue
A curriculum director who LOVES to provide access to a multitude of online resources - all with different un/pw naming conventions.
What questions do you have, or perhaps, information or experiences to share that would be of value?

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