MyNotes: GAFE and Chromebooks #tceasysadmin (Updated)

Some great sessions on GoogleApps, Chromebooks shared...

This one from Jeff St. Andre covered quite a bit of info.



  1. Background
    1. GoogleApps District since 2011 (City View ISD)
    2. APprox 1000 students k-12
    3. 1 to 1 Chromebooks (Lenovo N21), grades 5-12
    4. Macbook Air carts K-4
  2. 10 Resources about GoogleApps
    1. GoogleApps Status Email Notification - get email updates about service interruptions
      1. Recently, GoogleApps has had lots of outages. Toggle Apps outage Alert and any other change alerts that you would like to be notified about. Unless you like to get excessive email, be very selective. If you click on each alert, you can edit the alert name and which email addresses receives each alert. You will receive email alerts for any service disruptions or outages. Gmail disruptions and outages may hinder the delivery of alerts, obviously.
    2. Chromebook Inventory Google Sheets Add-on
      1. The simplest way to manage your Chromebook inventory.
    3. Chromebook Penalty Box (via Shawn Mahoney)
      1. Create a "PenaltyBox" OU
      2. Go into Chrome management, click on user settings...and change settings in the penalty box OU
      3. Under content settings, find "URL blocking" There you will find a "URL Blacklist," etc.
      4. When you do this, you can whitelist sites (only allow certain sites).
      5. You can give every Chromebook a "penalty box" and this results in a unique wallpaper.
    4. Using Google Forms as a Free Student Help Desk
    5. GoogleApps Manager (GAM)
    6. GoogleApps Admin Help Center & Product Forums
    7. GoogleApps Administrator Certification
    8. Go Guardian
      1. Makes managing Chromebooks so simple.
    9. Gooru Daily Newsletter
    10. Google Admins Community

From another presentation by Edward Doan, some notes:
Video - Managing Chromebooks with Google Apps Console -

Special thanks to Diana Benner (Sprinkle Innovation) for sharing her notes from Edward Doan's preso!
  1. Pearson
    1. TELPAS, STARR ALT 2, TAKS - through Test Nav 8 - Tests are administered online through Chrome kiosk
    2. Kiosk mode is required - 
      1. Here's how: Go to Device management > Chrome management > Device settings > Kiosk Apps. Click on Manage Kiosk Applications. In the dialog that appears select the exam kiosk app you want to use. You can search for it on the Chrome Web Store, or manually install it if you have the app ID and URL by selecting Specify a Custom App. 
      2. View Google's Resources
  2. ETS - 
    1. STAAR may be done through a Chrome app. [As I recall, a colleague revealed that ETS would support Chromebooks, so yay!]

Lots more great stuff shared but these are the items that jumped out at me! BTW, another neat resource was the GAM Google Apps Manager!

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