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If you have missed the heated discussions, you'll want to read about The Texas Digital Textbook Nightmare, which explores the problems and available solutions to the issues we're encountering as public school district in Texas. This is a fight between competing solutions that provide rostering solutions, as well as between school districts and textbook publishers who think districts should march to their tune to create the logins/passwords students and teachers need to access instructional materials (e.g. digital textbooks).
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This presentation at the TCEA SystemAdmin Conference held on October 29 & 30, 2015 shares yet another possible solution.

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MyNotes on "Another Custom Extract? Awesome!"

  1.  The flyer ClassLink passed out alleges the following:
    1. ClassLink OneRoster is a no-cost, secure, and easy way to deliver class roster to any publisher, app or platform.
    2. Gives educators and technologists a simple web console to select and deliver class rosters.
    3. Publishers and platform providers can use free and open IMS Global REST API's to receive rosters
    4. Student data is stored securely on school servers and is never copied to ClassLink
    5. Free for schools and free for publishers through the open technology standard. [Wow, this is pretty aggressive and undercuts Clever's model, doesn't it? Clever is free for schools but NOT free for publishers who have to pay to get access].
      1. "The OneRoster™ standard is designed to be a subset of the full Learning Information Services standard that focuses on the Schools needs to exchange roster information and grades. The standard includes both SOAP and REST-based bindings make it quicker and easier to implement the exchange of information about people, membership, courses and outcomes. In addition to the standard, we have included a format for CSV files that are typically exchanged between the school and the vendor to populate the roster information needed to gain access to learning tools, portals and learning environments." Source:
      2. What is IMS Global One Roster? a technology standard developed by IMS Global Learning Consortium that replaces multiple/proprietary class roster templates with one common web service agreed to by all members of the industry.
      3. The standard defines... 
        1. data fields, tables, and relationships therein
        2. REST APIs or CSV templates to be used to deliver data
        3. Secure authentication/security provisions regarding the REST APIs
      4. The standard is...
        1. An open technology standard developed collaboratively by industry leaders and school districts
        2. An accepted set of CSV templates and REST APIs to deliver data
        3. Freely available for school districts and providers at
        4. Increasingly adopted by large and small publishers and platforms.
      5. The standard is not...
        1. Tied to any one publisher or platform provider's methodology
        2. A "pay for access" model that requires publishers to pay license fees to data holders and then charge school districts to recover those same license fees
        3. An actual software application
      6. Challenges it solves...
        1. Missing logins and incorrect class rosters are the first stumbling blocks and a key reason why online resources fail in the classroom.
        2. The burden of creating specifically formatted roster extracts for each provider falls on an already overburdened district IT staff, creating delays and jeopardizing accuracy.
        3. When students and teachers more actively use all their digital learning resources, they will want single sign-on.
    6. A group of companies and districts that have input into standards that are developed.
    7. Email: - 1-888-963-7550
    8. Eliminate custom csv files and spreadsheets with 3 easy steps:
      1. Select your publisher
      2. Select your rosters
      3. Click done
    9. One standard set of files for every provider
    10. no custom extracts
    11. Ratified June 2015
    13. ReST API - 
  2. 400% increase in rostering and single sign-on
  3. Universal district pain points are the same for data extraction in both large and small districts
  4. [love the slide with Harry Potter that says, Data Extractum!]
  5. Pain Point #1 - Rostering/Login Credentials
    1. Different file layouts
    2. Scheduling of FTP uploads
    3. Multiple internet addresses
    4. Different usernames/passwords
    5. IT Priorities
      1. TOp priority is based on the title of the person who comes into your office. 
      2. IT Governance structure falls apart when the superintendent walks in and says, "Make it work!"
  6. Paint Point #2 - Roster Creation with Publishers
    1. Pearson
    2. Galegroup
    3. ThinkCentral
    4. Edgenuity
    6. Lots more since Mr. Perreault moved through the slides quickly!
  7. Current Methodology
    1. Usernames and passwords created and uploaded
    2. Teachers enter codes
    3. Teachers select sutdent names from list
    4. Teachers build and maintain classes
  8. Why can't we let instruction start when school starts?
  9. IMS Global's ONEROSTER
  10. Next year, Pearson will be using the OneRoster standards. Hmm.
  11. - no bylaws, no conference...this is a pledge site.
  12. Beatriz Arnillas was mentioned in this presentation.
  13. ClassLink has two offerings:
    1. ClassLink Free includes:
      1. OneClick Single Sign-on for up to 50 users
      2. One Roster for your entire school or district
      3. Online support
      4. Free Forever
    2. ClassLink Enterprise for your entire school or district
      1. One Roster for your entire school or district
      2. Full installation and 
      3. unlimited support
      4. Annual subscription
  14. How can this be put in place?
    1. There are people in the room who can make this happen
    2. THey are all wearing badges with school district names

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