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If you’re an American educator, then chances are you have applied for different jobs in various school districts. Aside from the value inherent in the process of getting to know who you are, what you’re about, how to format your education and jobs in ways that engage job recruiters, you may have picked up another skill–how to navigate the various job application systems available online.

"Miguel," asked a friend last week, "do you have any suggestions for where I can go to apply for a job in Texas schools?" This question made me hunt up this blog entry on different solutions available.

Certainly, as a person who has applied for various positions in Texas school systems, I’ve had the chance to run across systems that manage web-based job application systems. If you’re a school district human resources department, picking the right system that’s easy for applicants, easy for district staff to access content via a hierarchical administration system.
Here are 3 systems school districts are using in Texas that I’ve come into contact with:
  1. Aspex Solutions‘ Applitrack: This system is in use in quite a few school districts, ranging in size to under 1000  (e.g. Archer City ISD) students to over 50,000 students (e.g. Austin ISD, Dallas ISD)
  2. NetChemia’s School Recruiter – A few school districts are using this product. I found it pretty easy to navigate. In the interests of full disclosure, my current employer is using it but I had nothing to do with selection, support, or maintenance.
  3. Winocular – In my opinion, this is one of the less friendlier, albeit venerable, systems available. I’ve seen several school districts move away from Winocular to other solutions, such as Applitrack, etc.
What systems would you recommend, and do you have selection criteria?


 And, for those of you who are job hunting, here’s my list of places to find Education-related jobs in Texas:
  1. TASAnet.org’s Career Center – This is one of the best sites around to find out about new jobs. While it doesn’t have ALL jobs available, you will find more here than anywhere else.
  2. Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) School District Jobs - This is a collaborative effort by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas WorkForce Commission. Definitely worth checking out. For example, I did a search based on a zip code in my city. Unfortunately, the result just has you going to individual district/charter school job sites. Not strictly providing a list of jobs, but if you’re are hoping to relocate to another city, it’s worth a look.
  3. Education Service Center Job Pages – includes web sites from regional education service centers that offer district employment networks, enabling one application to work for all the districts they serve, or at least, sharing open positions at school districts. Some of these include the following: 
  4. TCEA Jobs – Find technology and education related jobs online.
  5. SchoolSpring.com – You’ll find jobs on this listing.
  6. Indeed.com Search Engine – Easy to use search engine that enables you to type in your city and type of job you want. For example, here’s a search for Educational Technology as well as different one for education.
  7. Texas Cares Online 
  8. Teachers.Net
  9. Education America
  10. Texas NonProfits Job Search
  11. JobNab.com

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