Audio Editing Made Beautiful on #Chromebook

Ever had to do any audio editing on a Chromebook? I have, and the only client out there that worked well (like Audacity) costs TOO MUCH money. I won't even mention the client since it is darn expensive and I have no doubt that many folks paid a lot for it...just a twisted pricing model!

Ok, that aside, what if you could edit audio files on a Chromebook at low-cost, or even better, no cost if you're a school district or educational institution? What about if that solution could save straight to GoogleDrive? Interested?

= Group Licensing =
Very cheap (likely free) MP3 exporting for school districts, non-profits, and other groups that make this world a better place. Describe your group to us for details:

If you're looking for something like that, then be sure to check out the Beautiful Audio Editor--which allows you to export MP3 audio for one-time fee of $3.18 (pay attention, ONE time fee). Earlier today, I recorded audio from a presentation at TCEA TECSIG--with the presenters' support and permission--on my iPhone using Voice Record Pro, but didn't have an easy way to make some edits to the file (ok, Voice Record Pro has built-in audio editing but I didn't want to try to do it on my iPhone with Voice Record Pro or Hokusai).
Problem: How to edit pre-recorded audio on my Chromebook?
Note: This process ultimately failed with a 51 minute file but I retain high hopes for Beautiful Audio Editor. Step 3 is where it all went wrong!! Again, I think it's the SIZE of the audio file. I was successful with smaller audio files.

The first step was to flip Voice Record Pro into a WiFi drive--which is a way to transfer files over wireless connection--so I could access the audio off my phone via my Chromebook:
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Before exporting the recorded file from Voice Record Pro, I converted it to MP3...a nice feature in Voice Record Pro! After doing this, I saved the file to my Chromebook.

Here's what it looks like at the IMPORT audio stage:

Once that was done, I was able to listen to the audio and make adjustments (edit/cut) content, not unlike Audacity on a desktop/laptop computer.

Note that I did pay $3.18 to get the MP3 export feature, but it looks like WAV export format is available at no cost...and you could just convert that WAV file with web-based tools like or

As you might imagine, I had high hopes that I would be able to save my 51 minute audio recording of collegial coaching presentation, but alas, it was not meant to be. This process DID work with smaller files, though.

Problems Encountered While Saving
Of course, I had hoped this solution would work perfectly. It did not FOR LARGE AUDIO files, but it did for short stuff (which may make it appropriate for Chromebook Education users!). As you can see, I was instructed to download the audioproject file but was unable to do so successfully, receiving the error Failed-No File.
CollegialCoaching_edited_mguhlin.audioprojectThe server could not find the file.
I next tried to save the edited audio file using WAV, MP3 or SAVE TO GOOGLEDRIVE options...notice what happens:
One second, the .WAV button appears, but the next (after clicking it), the button disappears!

Hmm...the same thing happened with the MP3 file, too.

So, SAVE to Google Drive failed as well. This left me with 51 minute audio-edited file with no way to save it!! As you can see, file generated is zero bytes, no data.

I'm looking forward to the Beautiful Audio Editor folks fixing this!

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Unknown said…
I HATE beautiful audio editor(b a e) !!! I have recorded many important things on b a e and then it crashed, DELETING all of my work. It is hard to use. There is nothing good about it. Don't get it. I Hate it. I can't make that any clearer.

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