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TCEA SystemAdmin Presentation Roundup #tceasysadmin

This past week, I had the chance to attend the TCEA System Administrator session held in Austin, Texas. Here's a roundup of blog entries featuring my notes about the event:

Training Your Staff to Be Education Friendly (Lori Gracey, TCEA)Better Systems Management with VMware (Bobby Robertson, Bryan ISD)Dell KACE (Temple ISD)Identity Crisis and Account Management (Miguel Guhlin, Virgil Kirk, East Central ISD)GAFE and Chromebooks (Jeff St. Andre, City View ISD) + Edward Doan's notes about STAARData Extractum! (ClassLink)Linux in Education (Jason Cannon) - On this one, I didn't take notes but quite a bit is in the slideshow.GoogleApps Management (GAM) - Brian Gray shared his resources with me, a must-have if you are using GoogleApps. All of these were tremendously engaging presentations, well-organized. I observed some presentation approaches that were : In your Google slide, make every slide your "title slide" but then embed a link to a GoogleDoc with the details.Em…

MyNotes - Training Your Staff to Be Educator Friendly #tceasysadmin

This session was facilitated at the TCEA system Admin

Lori Gracey - ; @lgraceyView this great slideshow!Bad Tech Support - picturesWhat's the point? - (click to read audience participation)What is the purpose of your IT staff?to close the most tickets?To ensure the network always runs smoothly?to make the learning environment better?to help students master the curriculum? This is the answerWhat would your IT staff say is their purpose?"Our business is not the technology we repair; it's who we serve. We are in the people business."What are your customers' needs?We're not talking about IT needs.Top concerns of educatorsnot enough timehow to empower their students (or, for administrators, their staff)how to motivate students (or, for administrators, their staff)How to provide differentiated instructionTop IT Concerns of EducatorsNot enough technologyInternet is too slowToo many websites are blockedRepairs take too longI&#…

MyNotes: Better Systems Management with VMware #tceasysadmin

A presentation by Bobby Robertson (Bryan ISD) at the TCEA System Admin 2015.


About 16K students, 2000 adults, 14000 user devicesNot an expert on VMware but using it for several years.Today's TopicsVirtualization benefitswhat's new in vsphere 6how bryan isd utilizes vmware10gb everythingdisaster recoveryoperations management with vRealizeVirtualization BenefitsReduce footprintReduce costImprove uptimeIncrease hardware lifespanDecrease ticketsMaximize performanceWhat's new in VSphere 6Fault tolerance - up to 4 vCPUs and 64GB RAMVMotion across slow/long distancesFaster, more responsive web clientNVIDIA GRID vGPU SupportVirtual volumesNFS 4.1 supportStorage IOPS reservationsImproved vCenter ApplianceVirtualization in Bryan ISDMain Cluster Setup100+ virtual serversVSphere 6.0 Update 18 Hosts - 7 Enterprise Plus, 1 Standard2 SANS - 1 hybrid array, 1 cheap-n-deep2 Meraki MS420-48 10gb top of rack switches - redundancy is important that's why I'm using 2 switches.80+…

MyNotes: Dell KACE #tceasysadmin

What a fantastic session on Dell KACE. Absolutely phenomenal detail and presentation. This session was presented at the TCEA SystemAdmin Conference held October 29 & 30, 2015.

Kevin Wilbourn (Twitter: @kevinwilbourn), Systems Engineer, Temple ISDSession GoalsWhat is a System Mgmt Platform?What is Dell KACE?Identify System Mgmt Pain PointsMgmt with KACEDeployments with KACEWhat is a System Mgmt Platform? Six areas that define it:Inventory & IT Asset mgmtSoftware distributionService DeskPatch management & securitySystems DeploymentMobile mgmtKey playersMS System Center (SMMS) - Robust but difficult to use.Altiris - On and off again relationship with SymantecLANDeskDell KACEWhat operating systems?Windows 7OS XWindows ServerGNU/LinuxAndroidiOSChromebookWhat is KACE?Flexible Management PlatformPurchased by Dell in 2010K1000InventorySoftware distribReportingSupport deskK2000O/S DeploymentK3000Mobile device mgmtHow is it implemented?Physical Servers (Dell PowerEdge R6) 1 us…

Texas Meetup - @Clever Announcement #tceasysadmin

Are you a school district in or around Austin or close enough to get there? Consider attending the Texas Meetup. Here's the email staff sent out about the event:

Hi folks,
I'm very much looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow at our first Texas District Meetup! More than 10 Texas districts will be attending to share experiences and any challenges around software implementation. I'm excited to see whether having a united voice across the State might drive some positive change to solve some of our districts' most pressing needs.
Here is a snippet of stuff I've heard from districts in your area: We have highly transient students... keeping them all updated in the right systems is next to impossible. Ugh! A tremendous waste of time and energy trying to support another unique interface for account provisioning. Districts are having to hire high dollar programmers just to make sense of the imports, scripting, SQL and automation necessary to use their product.…

MyNotes: Identity Crisis and Account Management #tceasysadmin

Earlier today, Virgil Kirk and I had the opportunity to share our district's journey in solving a wicked problem--user account management and user provisioning. Whew, it was a big room!

Identity Crisis: Managing User Accounts Facilitators: Miguel Guhlin (Twitter: @mguhlin), Virgil Kirk (Twitter: @virgilkirk) If you don't know how to effectively manage user accounts, you'll find yourself wasting your time and generating confusion. Find out how one district has moved from chaos to order and learned to manage Active Directory, GoogleApps, and a multitude of other data sources for user account management. Participants will walk away with a roadmap of suggestions and practical tips, as well as solutions that point the way to success with identity management tools.
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Identity Management in Education Open Document View slideshow, full-screen
Resources Articles on the SubjectThe Texas Digital Textbook Data Nightmare - In this engaging comprehensive primer, featuring …

MyNotes: GAFE and Chromebooks #tceasysadmin (Updated)

Some great sessions on GoogleApps, Chromebooks shared...

This one from Jeff St. Andre covered quite a bit of info.



BackgroundGoogleApps District since 2011 (City View ISD)APprox 1000 students k-121 to 1 Chromebooks (Lenovo N21), grades 5-12Macbook Air carts K-410 Resources about GoogleAppsGoogleApps Status Email Notification - get email updates about service interruptionsRecently, GoogleApps has had lots of outages. Toggle Apps outage Alert and any other change alerts that you would like to be notified about. Unless you like to get excessive email, be very selective. If you click on each alert, you can edit the alert name and which email addresses receives each alert. You will receive email alerts for any service disruptions or outages. Gmail disruptions and outages may hinder the delivery of alerts, obviously.Chromebook Inventory Google Sheets Add-onThe simplest way to manage your Chromebook inventory.Chromebook Penalty Box (via Shawn Mahoney)Create a "PenaltyBox&qu…

MyNotes: Data Extractum! with @ClassLink with #OneRoster #tceasysadmin

If you have missed the heated discussions, you'll want to read about The Texas Digital Textbook Nightmare, which explores the problems and available solutions to the issues we're encountering as public school district in Texas. This is a fight between competing solutions that provide rostering solutions, as well as between school districts and textbook publishers who think districts should march to their tune to create the logins/passwords students and teachers need to access instructional materials (e.g. digital textbooks).

This presentation at the TCEA SystemAdmin Conference held on October 29 & 30, 2015 shares yet another possible solution.

Listen to Audio of this Presentation
(Permission to share audio granted via Tweet by @cloudguyj )

MyNotes on "Another Custom Extract? Awesome!"

 The flyer ClassLink passed out alleges the following:ClassLink OneRoster is a no-cost, secure, and easy way to deliver class roster to any publisher, app or platform.Gives educators …

Identity Crisis: Managing the Tx Digital Textbook Nightmare (Updated)

Are you the database administrator, technology specialist for your school district? As school districts move from paper textbooks (remember those book closets filled with textbooks that few ever used, or worse, students had access to) to digital ebooks, they face a host of challenges. This 3 part article explores a few of those challenges, then offers several solution providers. You may also want to check out this presentation resource site, Identity Crisis: Managing User Accounts.

1-Exploring The Problem
School districts have been caught flat-footed in the last two years, facing an onslaught of digital textbook providers who follow no standard data file creation process. This problem is called "user provisioning," (a.k.a. account provisioning) a fancy way of saying that you have to create usernames and passwords in EVERY online system students and staff will need to use.
The gold standard is single sign-on--ONE username and ONE password--that provides access to and is update…