The Secret Is Out

What a sense of relief, right? I bet that's what all the edtech evangelists are saying now. I mean, when the truth comes out, you aren't worried about maintaining the lie, right?

  1. Investing heavily in school computers and classroom technology does not improve pupils' performance, says a global study from the OECD.
  2. frequent use of computers in schools is more likely to be associated with lower results.
  3. education systems which have invested heavily in information and communications technology have seen "no noticeable improvement" in Pisa test results for reading, mathematics or science.
  4. "Those students who use tablets and computers very often tend to do worse than those who use them moderately."
  5. Students who use computers very frequently at school get worse results
  6. The results show "no appreciable improvements" in reading, mathematics or science in the countries that had invested heavily in information technology
  7. High achieving school systems such as South Korea and Shanghai in China have lower levels of computer use in school
  8. making sure that all children have a good grasp of reading and maths is a more effective way to close the gap than "access to hi-tech devices".
  9. what we can do as a teaching profession is to start thinking very carefully about what we really need it for.

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