Simply Consistent

We often wonder how we can simplify our lives, and this reminds me of my favourite quote on simplicity: If you don’t spend time wondering how you can simplify your life, you are simply wasting your time!...simply get the work done with an extreme sense of purpose but without the stress of having to rush. It’s this consistency or routine that we need to install into our lives. We need to look for opportunities of how we can introduce ideas into our lives that will be simple, and that will consistently produce success.
Source: The Simplicity of Consistency
I've wrestled with consistency all my life. Surprisingly, I have school to blame for this. I grew up putting homework assignments off until the last minute, then working feverishly to get them done. This translated into "binge writing" episodes, a bad habit that continued when I tried to "keep a journal." What stopped me? Writing consistently in the journal. Instead, I like to work quickly through a project, and then move on to something new.

It's funny that blogging seems to have helped, but somewhere along the line, I've found one thing to be consistent at. It's amazing that such a simple thing as being consistent about one thing can spread to others.

Start with one simple habit, then "grow your consistency."

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