Monday, September 14, 2015

Reflecting on Beginnings #linux

Jack Wallen shares his story about he got into GNU/Linux, How learning Linux Jumpstarted my Career:
My introduction to Linux, and all that came from it, was thanks to an insatiable curiosity and an inordinate frustration brought on by Windows. What was yours?
As I think back to my first experiences with GNU/Linux, which take me back down the trail of years (wow, 12!) when I imagined myself quite content with my Mac and Windows skills...but GNU/Linux remained a mystery I had to explore. It didn't quite materialize until I found myself needing to connect my Windows only scanner to the only computer I had, a bondi iMac. Thanks to YellowDogLinux, it was possible. Later, I graduated to UbuntuLinux, and a host of other distributions.

What GNU/Linux gave me was choice. My knowledge enabled me to use Moodle, Wordpress, setup UbuntuLinux-based servers and earn more for my family.

And, it remains a worthwhile choice.

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