Google Slides as Newsletter Platform

Earlier this year, I was introduced to the idea of using GoogleSlides as a page layout, newsletter publishing tool (see examples hereas well as these). You can watch a short video by Kern on this; Wanda Terrell is who introduced me to the idea). One question that came to mind, however, was how to insert an existing Slides creation into another as an embedded object.  Think "picture in a picture" or "slideshow on a Slides page."
Question: How can you embed another GoogleSlide slideshow within an existing Slideshow, not as full-size slides inserted into presentation but embedded into the page? 
Here are 2 workflows that get around embedding a Google Slides into an existing Slides slide; I'm looking for something that doesn't involve an external site:

Video Approach
1) Export Slides as PNG images
2) Import PNG images into
3) Export the whole thing as a video
4) Upload to YouTube
5) Embed into a Google Slides newsletter.

Animated GIF Approach
1) Export Slides as PNG Images
2) Import PNG images into and create animated GIF OR video (adjust milliseconds)
3) Export animated GIF created (if you created a video in step #2, you'll have to put it up via YouTube)
4) Import animated GIF into Google Slides newsletter

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