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Digital Books - Exploring Audio

"Digital" books often refer to print text converted to electronic books (or "ebooks"), but I am expanding my definition to include audiobooks. As my tastes run to fantasy, Sci-Fi, and action/suspense, I always eschewed audio because it was too slow moving. Now that I'm not 22 years old ripping through print books in a single bound, audio books provide time for slow enjoyment that I didn't grant myself when younger.
I am perfectly happy to read and collect digital books. For me, the "book" is not about the object but about  ideas and stories and emotions and experience. I've no real attachment to any one printed iteration of a particular work for a  long time.
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Audiobooks are certainly more available now, too. In addition to dusty classics that I was forced to plod through in high school, I can now find the kind of genres I like in audio format...this makes them ideal for short and long car rides, quiet work at the computer, and more. If I miss a key concept, that's ok.
For whatever reason, I used to think that audiobooks weren’t worth my time. Now I find it strange when one isn’t playing while I’m doing other things. If you love to read but don’t have the time, or if you don’t like to read, but really want to, audiobooks are the perfect solution.
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One new series that I've just started, a book I remember reading in grade school or one close like it but never saw again, is the Story of Siegfried the Dragonkiller (you can get the audio for the book at that link, or via iTunes). Actually, I read that BEFORE Beowulf or ever hearing that story. I remembered it because of the Vikings show, which I'm watching as I type this blog entry
Aside: Did you know "Guhlin" is Swedish, and my father claimed lineage (certainly false) to the viking, Eric the Red? I'm sure he was engaging in tall tales but it made for interesting boasts to a child). 
In previous blog entries, I've shared about one of my newest sources of audio books:
Be sure to listen to Nathan Lowell's entire Trader Tales series and be sure
to check out his Shaman Tales

My favorite podcatcher (iPhone) is Downcast, and it works quite can listen to the audio books online, or save them to your mobile device as MP3 files, and/or subscribe to them. Some of the audio books I'm carrying around (and recommend) include the following:

Seymour Hamilton
  1. Astreya: The Voyage South - An engaging tale that kicks off the trilogy! 
  2. Astreya: The Men of the Sea
  3. Astreya: The Wanderer's Curse

Lindsay Buroker

J.C. Hutchins
  1. 7th Son Series - This includes 3 audio books, action-packed and powerful. Highly recommended!

Nathan Lowell (@nlowell)
  1. Trader's all great reading, I'm sure, but I've only encountered it via
  2. Shaman Tales...on this one, I've only heard a bit of it, but I'm already hooked!
  3. Check out his books on Goodreads
Steve Libbey
Brion J. Humphrey

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