Thursday, September 17, 2015

Campus Tech Checklist - Feedback Requested

Earlier today, I was wondering, "What should a principal look for when checking to see if technology is properly implemented and supported on their campus?" The question is one I haven't asked myself in awhile, but is definitely worth checking.

What are your thoughts in regards to the following points? What would you remove or add? "Tear it up!" Feel free to share your own checklist (if you have one).

Campus Learning with Technology Checklist

1-How is technology impacting instruction?
___ a. Campus professional learning is aligned to Clarity Survey data.
___ b. Technology use is aligned to district initiatives - literacy, math and problem-solving.
___ c. All teachers and instructional leaders understand the technology component of the
District Learning Walk.
___ d. Teachers have weekly opportunities to instructional technology coaching.
___ e. All staff are effectively employing GoogleApps for Education--including Classroom, Drive,
and productivity tools--to enhance higher-order thinking, collaboration at a distance.
___ f. Campus blended learning opportunities are available for students and staff.
___ g. Campus students, staff, and community are aware of the joint Science, Technology,
Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) initiative at your campus.

2-How is technology supported effectively?
___ a. Campus has low number of work orders.
___ b. Campus and classroom web sites enjoy sufficient web support and guidance.
___ c. The District Technology HelpDesk provides excellent support and assistance.
___ d. Everyone knows how to ask for technical support from on-campus staff and, if
necessary, how to submit work orders.
___ e. Campus staff effectively safeguard sensitive data in print or digital format.

3-How has connectivity been enabled for anytime, anywhere learning?
___ a. Every learning space (e.g. classroom, library, cafeteria, gym) has ample wireless signal
(WiFi) (can support up to 60 devices, either BYOT or district-owned).
___ b. Each classroom has 6 network drops.
___ c. Each classroom has access to a working digital projector, document camera (or iPad
with document camera stand), a laptop/desktop computer for teacher use.

___ d. Each classroom has access to a network printer.

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