Backing Up Evernote to Dropbox with @CloudHQ (Updated)
Since I have TONS of content in Evernote, I wanted to find an easy way to backup content there. Some of the supported services include:

I imagined being able to put all my notes into Dropbox--along with encrypted attachments--but doing so would take...well...forever. takes care of this for me!

Note: Did you know about CloudHQ's Chrome browser add-onIt enables Gmail users to share gmail labels. Watch a video online!
While there are other ways to accomplish this, offers one the opportunity to have a 15-day free trial. You can use this 15-day trial to move content from one cloud service to another. In my case, I decided to export all my content in Evernote to Dropbox.
Sync options - Evernote to Dropbox files, folders, and attachments

The process was fairly painless and resulted in a copy of all my Evernote content in a Dropbox folder I'd created right before starting. Kudos to for making it easy to copy/move content from one service to another!

Try CloudHQ yourself online!

Full Disclosure: This blog entry features because they are an awesome product, not because they were kind enough to grant one year free Premium Plan to my account and add me to their "ambassador" list! 

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James Stutler said…
Hi Miguel,
thank you for the post. cloudhq is a really powerfull service, but one more tool we should consider for backing up Evernote is Backupery for Evernote. It is "set and forget" tool to backup Evernote notes to a hard drive, so we don't depend on any third party clouds. I am using it about a month and it works pretty well so far.


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