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Forget 15, Try 5 Max Learning Technologies

What's The Bare Minimum of What Could Be Considered the Bare Minimum of Learning Technology? asks TeachThought?
Create a class websiteCreate a class YouTube ChannelCreate a class twitter account and make international accountsGet your students bloggingFind other classes to collaborate with on projectsDo mystery Skypes/Google HangoutsInvite expert guests via live video conferencingCode with your studentsDo Genius Hour with your studentsGamify your classroomStrive for a paperless classroom (here are 26 iPad apps for a paperless classroom)Create digital portfoliosAutomate quizzes with Google FormsUse Google Forms for student check-in and exit slipsLet students use their device in class
Instead, why not try these five? Co-create digital narratives that blend audio, video and text. Audio:iPad: Recording: Voice Record ProEditing:Hokasai (Free but requires in-app purchases to do anything worthwhile)Screencasting: Reflector for your Mac/Windows computer and Quicktime for computerChromebook:R…

Simply Consistent

We often wonder how we can simplify our lives, and this reminds me of my favourite quote on simplicity: If you don’t spend time wondering how you can simplify your life, you are simply wasting your time!...simply get the work done with an extreme sense of purpose but without the stress of having to rush. It’s this consistency or routine that we need to install into our lives. We need to look for opportunities of how we can introduce ideas into our lives that will be simple, and that will consistently produce success.
Source: The Simplicity of Consistency I've wrestled with consistency all my life. Surprisingly, I have school to blame for this. I grew up putting homework assignments off until the last minute, then working feverishly to get them done. This translated into "binge writing" episodes, a bad habit that continued when I tried to "keep a journal." What stopped me? Writing consistently in the journal. Instead, I like to work quickly through a project, an…

Digital Books - Exploring Audio

"Digital" books often refer to print text converted to electronic books (or "ebooks"), but I am expanding my definition to include audiobooks. As my tastes run to fantasy, Sci-Fi, and action/suspense, I always eschewed audio because it was too slow moving. Now that I'm not 22 years old ripping through print books in a single bound, audio books provide time for slow enjoyment that I didn't grant myself when younger.
I am perfectly happy to read and collect digital books. For me, the "book" is not about the object but about  ideas and stories and emotions and experience. I've no real attachment to any one printed iteration of a particular work for a  long time.
Source: Blue Skunk BlogAudiobooks are certainly more available now, too. In addition to dusty classics that I was forced to plod through in high school, I can now find the kind of genres I like in audio format...this makes them ideal for short and long car rides, quiet work at the computer…

Comparison Chart of @Simplenoteapp @Evernote @Mammothhq @googlekeep (Updated)

Over the last few weeks, I've been working on various apps for note-taking. I tried to reflect and ask myself, what were the core features I wanted in my daily note-taking app, as well as what are some features others would like?

After awhile, I realized I was getting lost in all the great features. Rather than make a snap judgement, I thought I'd cook up a chart and see what happened if I assigned a score to each based on features available.

Since I often need the "kitchen sink" when it comes to note-taking apps, especially since I like to see my note-taking app as a file cabinet that is an alternative to GoogleDrive, I found myself making certain choices. I also found myself looking for an easy to use app that my family could use.

While I'd encouraged them to use Evernote, then SimpleNote, I found neither a good choice. As much as I wanted to like MammothHQ, it's absence of a mobile app that allows for editing left me waiting for features.

As a result, I se…

Backing Up Evernote to Dropbox with @CloudHQ (Updated)

Since I have TONS of content in Evernote, I wanted to find an easy way to backup content there. Some of the supported services include:

I imagined being able to put all my notes into Dropbox--along with encrypted attachments--but doing so would take...well...forever. CloudHQ.nettakes care of this for me!

Note: Did you know about CloudHQ's Chrome browser add-on? It enables Gmail users to share gmail labels. Watch a video online!While there are other ways to accomplish this, offers one the opportunity to have a 15-day free trial. You can use this 15-day trial to move content from one cloud service to another. In my case, I decided to export all my content in Evernote to Dropbox.

The process was fairly painless and resulted in a copy of all my Evernote content in a Dropbox folder I'd created right before starting. Kudos to for making it easy to copy/move content from one service to another!

Try CloudHQ yourself online!

Full Disclosure: This blog entry features …

Seeking Note-taking Alternatives - @SimpleNoteapp

Over the last few weeks, I've been exploringEvernotealternatives. Of course, my experiences with Evernote are legion and they bedevil me every time I seek salvation from its clutches. The features I'm looking for include the following:
AES-256 encryption (ok, Evernote doesn't have this but it does have encryption options)Send notes in via emailCollaboration option or a way of quickly sharing notes with others.Tag notes with the ability to search tagsGUI editor like TinyMCE to get to bold, italics, etc.Twitter login authenticationAbility to attach files to notes (great for attaching scanned images, small license files, etc.)Image insertionCross-platform app that allows for easy adding/editing notes on the goListsDrop-dead simple to use These may be unreasonable expectations, but you can't blame me. While my Evernote account houses everything but the kitchen sink in it, there have to be some worthwhile alternatives to it. And, let's be honest, as a writer, I'm als…

K-12 Online Conference 2015

Get ready for the 2015 K12 Online Conference: The best FREE video-based professional development you'll never have to pay for! All sessions are asynchronous so you can watch at your leisure.

Our 2015 keynote speakers include Don Wettrick@DonWettrickAlan Levine@cogdogStephanie Chang@MakerEdOrgScott McLeod@mcleod, andKaren Bosch@karlyb. Our full lineup of presentations and presenters is available on our 2015 Schedule.

A few invitations and updates:This is the 10th year of the K12 Online Conference! Again we'll bring you an inspiring pre-conference keynote, 4 fantastic keynotes in 4 strands, and over 40 presentations by inspiring and innovative educators around the world... all shared via videos posted to YouTube & iTunesU starting October 12th.Plan to join our Classroom 2.0 Live Webinar this Saturday, September 19that noon Eastern / 11 am Central / 10 am Mountain / 9 am Pacific. Our organizer team will preview the conference and share more about what to expect. Visit liv…

Campus Tech Checklist - Feedback Requested

Earlier today, I was wondering, "What should a principal look for when checking to see if technology is properly implemented and supported on their campus?" The question is one I haven't asked myself in awhile, but is definitely worth checking.

What are your thoughts in regards to the following points? What would you remove or add? "Tear it up!" Feel free to share your own checklist (if you have one).

Campus Learning with Technology Checklist

1-How is technology impacting instruction? ___ a. Campus professional learning is aligned to Clarity Survey data. ___ b. Technology use is aligned to district initiatives - literacy, math and problem-solving. ___ c. All teachers and instructional leaders understand the technology component of the District Learning Walk. ___ d. Teachers have weekly opportunities to instructional technology coaching. ___ e.All staff are effectively employing GoogleApps for Education--including Classroom, Drive, and productivity tools--to enhance hi…