Exploring Alternatives to @Evernote: @Mammothhq FYI partnership opp @mailvelope

"What?!? You have how many notes?" asked a casual user of Evernote.
"Yeah, I have almost 10K of notes in Evernote. But I've been looking for something easier, simpler to manage."
"Isn't that a little unwieldy?"
"Yes, but I haven't found a better solution...GoogleKeep didn't grab me, Evernote is too fancy, text files in Dropbox to simple, but something new may be coming...."
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Works on iOS and Android
That conversation snippet sums up my unending search for an easy to use solution. A few years ago, I began archiving everything in Evernote...great web sites, articles for stories, encrypted confidential information that I wouldn't trust to Google (after all, they did shut my blog down with no reason given...although they restored it, I was a bit gun-shy).

What the MammothHQ Board looks like with content emailed in!
MammothHQ.com serves as an alternative to Evernote and other note-taking apps that you may want to consider. A few facts so far:

  • MammothHQ works and looks beautiful on Chrome browser add-on and iOS/Android devices
  • MammothHQ provides 5GB of storage out of the starting gate for FREE accounts
  • MammothHQ uses "boards" to organize information. New information gets added to the bottom of a board.
  • Easy to add comments with a "Twitter-like" comment box at the bottom of each Board.
  • Easy to invite people to collaborate on a Board (lots of applications). Much more elegantly instituted than Evernote's WorkChat (yuck).
  • You can email content into MammothHQ (love this features, especially when updating an existing board...the note appears at the bottom of Board in a grey shaded box that looks cool and suggests a conversation)
    • Start a new board by emailing "new@post.mammothhq.com" where the subject line becomes the name of the board
    • Update existing board with email to "boardname-######@post.mammothhq.com" where ###### indicates your userID (that's what it looks like to me).
  • You can drag and drop content (any type of file) onto a Board and it will appear at the bottom of the Board. Think of it as an email message with attachments hanging onto the bottom.
Stuff I Would Like to See
  1. IFTTT.com API or connection to enable content sharing more easily into MammothHQ
  2. 2-factor authentication to protect privacy of documents
  3. AES-256 encryption needed, along with ability to encrypt contents of a Board at will. Maybe consider PGP Encryption, Minilock and/or Text Encryption support. Mailvelope technology would be helpful to incorporate here.
  4. Evernote migration or file import tool. 
  5. Ability to group Boards into "Boards and sub-boards" to facilitate organization.
  6. Text listing of Boards rather than just pictures (although pictures gives it a Pinterest look without all the annoyance!).
  7. Educator price point ($25 a year and I'm in!)
Ideas for Using MammothHQ for Organization
  1. Create a MammothHQ Board for each of your class' and post email updates with pictures.
  2. Collect critical documents by attaching them to a Board (always encrypt confidential files prior to uploading to the cloud)
  3. Create and share classroom lectures/meeting notes in a Board, one Board per event.
  4. Use IFTTT.com to send email social media updates to a MammothHQ Board setup for that purpose.
  5. Use your imagination!

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