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#Free #AntiVirus Solutions for Your Mac

Looking for free antivirus solutions for your personal Mac? Be sure to check out one of these:

AVG Free Antivirus for MacAvira Free Antivirus for Mac "(free, direct) isn't limited to non-commercial users. Avira has made it 'truly free for everyone—private consumers, professionals and even businesses—without exception and without any advertising or marketing pop-ups.'"Sophos Free Antivirus for Mac (free, noncommercial use only).There is no phone or email support for Sophos Antivirus for Mac OS X Home Edition.

Have you tried these out for yourself? Unfortunately, on Mac, it's hard to know which will work best...while there are viruses for Mac, I've never encountered one. So, I'd pick the one that's least intrusive and has the best reviews. I'm partial to AVG and Avira because I have used them on other fact, I prefer AVG on Windows. 

Sophos, however, works great, too in a commercial environment. Whether it does the same in noncommerci…

Exploring Alternatives to @Evernote: @Mammothhq FYI partnership opp @mailvelope

"What?!? You have how many notes?" asked a casual user of Evernote.
"Yeah, I have almost 10K of notes in Evernote. But I've been looking for something easier, simpler to manage."
"Isn't that a little unwieldy?"
"Yes, but I haven't found a better solution...GoogleKeep didn't grab me, Evernote is too fancy, text files in Dropbox to simple, but something new may be coming...."
That conversation snippet sums up my unending search for an easy to use solution. A few years ago, I began archiving everything in Evernote...great web sites, articles for stories, encrypted confidential information that I wouldn't trust to Google (after all, they did shut my blog down with no reason given...although they restored it, I was a bit gun-shy). serves as an alternative to Evernote and other note-taking apps that you may want to consider. A few facts so far:

MammothHQ works and looks beautiful on Chrome browser add-on and iOS/Android

TCEA Fiber Boot Camp on August 28 in Austin, Tx

TCEA Fiber Boot Camp Helping Districts Leverage E-rate Funds to Provide Future-Ready Bandwidth
Does your district need an affordable fiber network to handle increased digital learning demands, but you aren’t sure how to make it happen? Are you having a hard time understanding how the new E-rate rules will help your district acquire the type of bandwidth you know your students and teachers need? Do you need some concrete answers on how to legally leverage your E-rate discounts to help your district get the lowest price for fiber? Have you been told that you will never get fiber to your district at a price you can afford?
If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you need to attend the TCEA Fiber Boot Camp on August 28 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. This innovative event will be held at the TCEA Conference Center in Austin and will feature top fiber and E-rate experts, including representatives of the FCC and USAC and the EducationSuperHighway. This event could save your district t…

Free Course - Cisco CCNA Routing and VLANs

A great learning opportunity for those more technically minded among us...
In partnership with Pluralsight, Network World presents a free course on CCNA routing and VLANs. In this course, the student will learn the fundamental concepts of networking, and then immediately apply this knowledge to the configuration of a router and switch.  By the end of the course, the student will have enough knowledge to set up a network environment that has multiple subnets over multiple virtual LANs (VLANs), use network address translation (NAT) to connect to the Internet, and hand out IP addresses automatically. Additionally, the student will take a deep dive into IP addressing, using binary, to really gain a fundamental understanding of how endpoints are addressed. All you need as a prerequisite is a willingness to learn and basic computer skills.  Click here to sign up for the course.  You’ll need to provide your name and email address, with no obligation or fee. We think you’ll find this course …

When Irony Strikes

At Connected Principals, in Learning and Leadership,George Couros shared the following:
“There are people in this room, no matter how compelling of evidence or ideas that I have shared, or the experiences that I have tried to create, will do nothing different tomorrow.  Are you that person?” The answer is, "Yes, that's me!" Sitting through professional learning recently, my sense of irritation mounting, I find I am no longer inspired by challenging talks that outline "successful leadership practices" and then proceed to encourage me to connect the dots, the distance between my imperfections and the target, clearly articulated by a speaker.

Yes, I am the guy that says, "You know what? If you're showing me a possible avenue of growth as an invitation, well, then yes, I'm POSSIBLY open to that...if my learning path takes me in that direction. But, if you're shoving that down my throat, you know where it can go."

As I let the anger of my reac…

What's Your Procedure for School District Data Breaches? #encryption #databreach

"853,478,157 RECORDS BREACHED," in 2014-2015 among education (K-16) entities (check list at bottom of this blog post). There are a LOT more breaches, though. 

Ever since I began working in a large urban school district many years ago, and even after I left, I've asked myself, "Why don't we have a consistent procedure for safeguarding sensitive data?" This concern came to a head several times, as I became aware of efforts to cover up the problem.

The first was from parents who had stumbled onto their child's confidential school records...district information techs worked frantically to remove the "breach" of confidential data from public view. Somehow, an Excel spreadsheet had found its way online, posted to a web site, containing confidential data. Another time, the data had been in a secretary's notebook that fell out of her purse on the way to her car and was lost. Or, a staff member who left an unencrypted laptop that was stolen from an…