Monday, July 13, 2015

MyNotes: Student Data Privacy

Student data privacy is a topic that's grown in interest over the last few years, and I suspect that CoSN has also been advocating on this topic, too. Keith Krueger, in an interview with One Idea With, makes several interesting points. These are my notes on the interview; you can listen to it in full here.
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  1. This is a growing concern for parents.
  2. Cloud computing, mobile data, and apps are the big drivers in this area for student data privacy.
  3. "Free apps"--run by businesses that are collecting data--are collecting student data that they can use.
  4. 3 buckets of issues:
    1. Comply with federal laws. Very few school districts have a chief privacy officer. Those in Technology are being asked to protect student data. CoSN has a few resources. If you're just complying, this doesn't inspire confidence for parents. 
    2. Aspirational Practices [professional development]
    3. Communication - Keep communication transparent and clear. 
      1. Why are we collecting data? 
      2. Clarify fundamental beliefs the school district has?
  5. Resources
    1. web site
    2. Protecting Privacy web site at CoSN
Not created by CoSN, but that I think is related:

  • Top 10 Security Tips for Educators - This is a short list of items I put together after chatting with different folks, as well as reflecting on my own practices.
  • Nine Simple Steps to Safeguarding Sensitive Data - An overview of steps for educators; this is adapted from the work of a school district.
  • 3 Steps to Encrypting/Decrypting - A quick tutorial of several simple tools you can use to encrypt/decrypt emails, files, and folders across mobile devices and your computer. This obviously isn't the same thing as the student data privacy (which requires an enterprise level conversation), but is a key component.

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