Tuesday, June 16, 2015

@Voxer Basics for #etdrive VoxerChats #tecsig

In my previous blog post, I announced a new series of conversations. Rather than rely on tools like Google Hangouts, Skype, I thought I might explore a new venue for me--VoxerChats. If you're not familiar with Voxer, come along with me as I learn how to organize VoxerChats with Texas educators.

In this entry, you'll find TWO simple steps to get connected!

A Quick Shout Out: Special Thanks to the New Teachers to Voxer (NT2V) group moderated by Tammy Neil (@mathneil) and Angela Breneman. I am glad they shared their information and ideas!

Voxer can be described as a push to talk, walkie-talkie app with these features:

  • Voxer app works on your iOS, Android, or Windows phone. I've also used it on an iPad (get the iPhone version).
  • You can listen live to people, or whenever is convenient. This means audio messages are available, making Voxer both synchronous and asynchronous communication app.
  • You can send text, pictures, and audio recordings
  • You can participate in groups. Just connect to a Voxer Pro user, and they can add you to an existing VoxerChat with up to 500 people! What's neat is these conversations are archived and available in your Voxer chat to keep going back to and learning from.
Voxer is the go between app where a message is too long for Twitter but short enough that you do not need to do a Google Hangout. Source: Kyle Calderwood as cited in this EdWeek article by Peter DeWitt, Voxer I Get It Now!

Here are two simple steps to get connected to the #etdrive chat:

1) Get the Voxer app for your mobile device.
Get the Voxer app--which is no-cost--for your mobile device, whether Windows, iOS or Android. Although there are desktop versions--for your computer--you would have to have a Pro account. But you don't need that to get started and participate.
Twitter: You should also have a Twitter account!
2) Fill out this form to let me know you're ready to connect!
Fill out a short form to participate in the VoxerChat. This will provide me with your information (Twitter and Voxer handles), let me know that it's OK to add you to the #etdrive chat group.

That's all there is to getting started! In anticipation of #etdrive VoxerChats starting in July, 2015, I hope you'll get the app on your mobile device and fill out the form!

Absolutely! You'll be contacted--if you haven't been already (or maybe you volunteered and forgot! )--soon to review #etdrive chat questions and ideas. For now, I encourage you to experiment with VoxerChat and Twitter if you're not familiar with those. 

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