#TxCTOClinic15 Notes Roundup

This week, I had the opportunity to attend the 300 participant TxCTOClinic held in Austin, Texas. The mini-conference was replete with fantastic presentations relevant for Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), as well as chock full of information and data about technology management in schools.
Announcement: Join #etdrive, a Texas wide conversation focused on 3 strands using "push to learn" technology, VoxerChats. Follow these two steps to begin your learning journey now.
Since I am on a crusade to share great information shared at these events, I was thrilled to find out that TxCTO folks are posting all their resources online. I was also able to attend quite a few sessions--and present one myself with colleagues at http://tinyurl.com/txcto15--and you can find a list of those below.

Some of these sessions were 3 hours in length, so if you're wondering, why so few, well, wow, quite in-depth sessions. I'm also grateful to others for sharing their audio recordings.

Roundup of TxCTO Blog Posts:

  1. Empowering Dynamic Data Strategies (Data warehouse/dashboard preso! Cost effective!)
  2. Salary Reboot*
  3. APQC Process Management
  4. CTO Boot Camp*
  5. IMA Legislative Update*
  6. Digital Citizenship and Cybersafety*
  7. Making Connections with Data and Resources*
*Audio recording included.

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