RTI4Success and Old Friends at #iplza15 @pfite

What a joy it is to run into old friends! As I walked the halls of Eanes ISD High School, I found myself drawn to a familiar voice coming from one of the classrooms at the end of the hall, beginning a stroll into the past that I had no idea would be taking place...not a bad metaphor for iPadpalooza, where unexpected learning opportunities abound.

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As I peered in the doorway, I did a double-take--Pamela Fite (@pfite), my old Assistant Superintendent from Mt. Pleasant ISD in East Texas. She had plucked me from my 3rd grade bilingual classroom and placed me in my first district instructional technology specialist position.

Pam is short, fiery, spunky, and has served in a variety of roles in education. That said, I haven't seen her in over 20 years! Her presentation was focused on The Digital Text Tool Every Teacher Can Use. What fun to spend 5 minutes catching up on my way to another session.

Ms. Fite works for Renaissance Learning, and she was quick to share RTI4Success.org with me as one of the resources I needed to investigate further.

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