Thursday, June 25, 2015

MyNotes: PinIt - Transforming Social Media Networks into ProfLearning Tools #iplza15 #teachertips @jspille

This session, Pin It: Transforming Social Media Networks into Professional Learning Tools, with Jesse Thompson and Lee Valenti (@hi5teaching) at iPadpalooza. Special thanks to Jennifer Spille (@jspille) for dragging me along to this session...with my broken GPS, I never would have found it! :-)

Right to Left: Jesse Thompson, Lee Valenti, ASL interpreter

  1. Our Problem: How to improve collaboration between team members? Could social media help our team share and collect ideas more effectively?
  2. Solution included Twitter, Pinterest and Evernote...these represent the 3 pillars of the solution they decided on.
    1. Share: Twitter for sharing: teachers could read an article, they would be tweeted at with a link
    2. Collect: Pinterest to collect the resources
    3. Store: Evernote to create. Record those things that were tried and true, that worked and save them for next year.
  3. If we couldn't meet F2F, we could meet virtually.
  4. Twitter = Share
    1. @ mentions
    2. #hashtag
    3. DM Direct messages - allows you to put in videos, etc.
    4. List creation
  5. Never Miss a Tweet Again! Make a list for your department, grade or school.
  6. Created public twitter account for school work:
    1. Didn't want to deal with privacy issues
    2. Wanted to focus on being able to post photos with school...keep personal photos separate.
  7. You can use the volume up/down on your iPhone headphones/mic cord to take pictures to facilitate selfies pics.
  8. Follow hashtag #teachertips
  9. Pinterest = Collect...what's important about this is how you organize.
    1. You can get lost in Pinterest. We do Spring Cleaning after each wasn't enough to start pinning stuff. We had to organize them so they could make our meetings flow. 
    2. We organized them into specific flows. View Lee Valenti's board
      1. English - Writing/Grammar
      2. English-Vocabulary
      3. English-Literature
      4. English - Teaching Ideas
    3. The consistency of the boards was important for us.
    4. We've rolled this out to our Social Studies. We decided to focus on Pinterest and Evernote. If we find any history-based things, we're going to put them in a board. They organized it for their team. If they are looking for a board.
    5. Try to keep this simple and not overwhelming. Spring cleaning is needed because there's so much content.
  10. Evernote = Create
    1. Think of it as a digital binder.
  11. Plan to Implement
    1. Keep it simple. Begin with one social media service. Find what best fits your need.
    2. Account creation & naming convention. Unified organization across all social media.
    3. Encourage usage. Give it time. Make it a habit.
  12. Social Media Alternatives
    1. Educlipper
    2. Tumblr
    3. UStream
    4. TodaysMeet
    5. Instagram
    6. Padlet
    7. Edmodo
    8. GoogleDrive
    9. Slack

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