MyNotes: #iplza15 Keynote - @adambellow

Wow, what a terrific keynote, One More Thing, by Adam Bellow at iPadpalooza 2015 this morning! Below are my hastily scribbled notes (I reached for my iPad instead of my Chromebook and regretted it instantly ). You will also find the audio recording I made of Adam's awesome remarks.
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My apologies for my terrible notes. However, if you weren't there, then they're awesome, right? :-)
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  1. Adam started in 2006 with digital portfolios [wow, 2006. Is your district doing digital portfolios yet?]
  2. Adam contrasted his presentation philosophy with Guy Kawasaki's, who will be keynoting tomorrow. Guy's approach is 10 slides in 20 minutes, 30 seconds each or so. Adam's philosophy included "Say it all, you might be dead tomorrow."
  3. The best product...does everything that was said it would do.
  4. The iPad doesn't automatically change the classroom environment. Seems obvious but...lots of places don't get it.
  5. There is a disconnect between Apple's tagline and School's tagline, especially one partnered with Pearson.
    1. Apple: Think Different.
    2. Pearson: Think same.
  6. What's missing to make things happen in the classroom? Time.
  7. These devices shouldn't be just about digital replication of paper-n-pencil devices.
  8. Innovation does not equal iteration.
  9. Most failed edtech initiativs begin with lists of what you want to buy.
  10. It's not about which device to buy...rather, it's about the one you will use.
  11. Date the device, marry the abilities.
  12. Sometimes being early with hardware is painful.
  13. We are from their future (other people who aren't edtechies)...we know what is going to happen 5 years ahead of time.
  14. Why learn this?
    1. The "C" word = Consume
    2. Consumption vs Creation
    3. Eating vs Cooking - We want our students moving from consuming to creating, "eating to cooking"
    4. Apple App Store has 1.3 million apps in it.
      1. PixelPress - make a game from a sketch (awesome)
      2. Emphasis on an hour of code...but it's really about hours of code.
      3. We must remember what it feels like to try something new.
  15. Fear of failure is one of the greatest barriers to success
  16. Failure is not a permanent condition. We need time to take a risk.
  17. Adam showed off a hand-sized $80, Amazon purchased drone [Parrot spider is the name of the drone] that he controlled using the Tickle app...Tickle also controls spheros
  18. Think about how much has changed around us since we were in school.
  19. Too often we tell people to stop when we should tell them to go forward.
  20. Overcome the fear of starting....
  21. Permission Slip: You have permission to take risks...embracing failure allows us to embrace curiosity.
  22. We have tech to enable learning without limits.
  23. All this technology is connecting us like never before.
  24. Adam counsels, "Use the tool that fits the use, and the user."
  25. How do you find a good app?
    1. Setup an App Review Committee that asks, "What are your top 2 apps?" at meetings and encourage everyone to share.
  26. If tools/apps aren't right for you, build better tools.
  27. Adam states that he is proud of the work he's done in building his own apps, but he is not unique.
  28. We need everyone to share their ideas to make the space's not about the technology, it's about us.
  29. Shifting from control to empower.
  30. Not about the apps, but what you can create.
  31. Share your draft, work, passions...
  32. iStuff isn't's just stuff.
  33. The magic is, what you and your students create.

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