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This session, IMA Update, was held at the Texas K-12 CTO Council meeting on June 18, 2015. It provided some eye-opening statistics about CTOs and job in the edtech field.

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  1. 82nd Legislative Session
    1. Prior to IMA
    2. SB6 Changed Everything (this happened around 2011)
      1. IMA
      2. based on 1/2 PSF
    3. Instructional Material Allotment (IMA)
      1. Allow flexibility
      2. Allows district control over funds
      3. Allows for district to pay for our instructional materials
  2. IMA Procurement
    1. IMA procures state adopted instructional materials
      1. Proclamations
      2. Dual Credit
      3. Advanced Placement & IB
    2. Old Tech Allotment
      1. Continuing contracts
    3. Non-state adopted material
      1. Tech hardware and curriculum software
      2. Professional development
      3. Instructional material
      4. Shipping and handling
  3. Effects of SB6
    1. We order instructional materials based on usage, available funds, IMA committee decides
    2. IMA purchases
      1. District owns inventory
      2. TEA holds districts accountable
      3. Do not have to pay TEA
      4. IMA is used to replace instructional materials
    3. No state max cost
      1. Publishers prices increased 60%
      2. Proclamations went from 6 to 8 years
      3. Science and Social studies...contracts last 6-12 years.
  4. 83rd Legislature
    1. HB5 allowed a publisher delayed payment options
      1. TEA approves or denies, TEA pays the publishers after Sept 1st
      2. Instructional Materials disbursements have to be entered in EMAT
      3. District receives materials in the summer
  5. Impact of 84th Legislature
    1. HB 1474 frontloading bill - approved by Governor Abbott
      1. 100/0 split 7.7 million in 1st year
    2. SB 313
      1. 75% of projected IMA budget
      2. frontloading
    3. Delayed adoption
      1. June 21st last day to veto
      2. EMAT allocation
      3. Disbursements (off list items)
  6. Proclamation 2015
    1. Social Studies K-12: $2.9M
    2. Math 9-12: $761K
    3. FineArts: $1.1M
    4. Science AP: $94K
    5. Cont. Adoptions: $1M
  7. Advice:
    1. In your district, you need to look at utilization reports.
    2. In some districts, you have Curr director, superintendent, tech director. Run utilization reports, and see what was actually used. This constant monitoring is the only way to ensure the money gets recouped.
  8. IMA Funding Formula
    1. 1/2 of the permanent school fund (SBOE authorized $1.05 billion)
    2. Based on 5.1 million students
      1. total student enrollment
      2. 500 million = 1 year of biennium
    3. Calculate Entire biennium:
      1. $200 per student * student enrollment
  9. Non-State adopted material
    1. IMA Procedure
      1. Campus needs
      2. IMA forms
        1. Approvals
          1. PDM
          2. Principal
          3. District level depts
        2. 3 deadline dates:
          1. August 1
          2. October 15
          3. March 15
More information was shared in this session but I did not record it. You can 

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