MyNotes: 21st Century Leader #iplza15

Presentation by Mr. Albert Canales, Mr. Jacob Camacho, and Ms. Kristine Garza on 21st Century Leader session at iPadpalooza 2015. Check out materials online at

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  1. McAllen Independent School District presentation
  2. What do we need to do to change...
  3. Today, we're actually 1 to 1 with the whole district.
  4. How do you want to get better?
  5. Question: Tell us more about city building. Our superintendent is really behind this and they have been working with city to get more WiFi access points. Have discussions to ensure access from home. When we first started, students didn't have access. 75% of the apps don't need internet. Let's start with baby steps, look at ways we can save things off the internet while at school then take them home for resources they need. If you go through our Smore, you'll find several stages of professional learning. With our elementary students/teachers, we did a "tech week." THese are success stories that we have even today.
  6. After Tech Week, we asked ourselves, "What can we do better?" Each teacher would do 1 app or web tool...teacher did one thing, but students got to do all of it with different teachers.
  7. After 1 hour, students started creating content on their own.
  8. After awhile, teachers start teaching each other.
  9. Teachers started using digital copies and this made it easy to turn stuff would just send in the links to their work.
  10. Ask yourself what the end product will be. 
  11. Peer to peer observations 
  12. Use HEAT Framework
  13. Build school climate and culture...
  14. Post everything about kids about Twitter.

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