#iplza15 You Matter! MiniKeynotes

What a neat idea! At iPadPalooza 15, there is a string of mini-keynotes to kick off Day 2 of the conference.

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Photo Credit: Meghan Zigmond (@zigzagstech)

From Left to Right: Jenny Magiera, George Couros, Todd Nesloney

  1. Todd Nesloney (@techninjatodd)
    1. Two most important words - You Matter! from Angela Maiers
    2. Shared story of a 5th grader who received a "You Matter!" letter.
    3. The only reason I was able to find success this year was because you told me you believed in me before you met me. I'm a special education kid and people have an impression of me as soon as I meet them.
    4. Teachers and students taped notes on doors and themselves that captured the meaning of You Matter!
  2. George Couros (@gcouros)
    1. Baby is born and is able to cut his own umbilical cord because he's hooked into social media.
    2. Tweetping.net - quick way to view series.
    3. Ryan McHenry died of cancer "Ryan Goslin won't eat cereal"
  3. Jenny Magiera (@msmagiera)
    1. Excited about using iPads at first, but then wanted to bury them in the backyard and hope no one would know.
    2. How to keep kids from falling through the cracks? We don't want kids to fail in grades, life, socially? We are constantly the safety net.
    3. Let students fail so they can be supported growing as people.
  4. Felix Jacomino (@felixjacomino)
    1. What's the Fear (WTF)?
    2. Time, Online Ugliness are two reason
    3. Where are all the worms? Feel a little late to the party? Don't be.
    4. Tweech.me - there's an app for connecting folks to learn Twitter.
    5. Check out what's going on. 
    6. Felix is playing a piano, singing a song, "Don't be afraid to try! Come on, let's get connected. Get on Twitter!" Great job!
  5. Michael Cohen - The Tech Rabbi (@techrabbi)
    1. My device is revolutionary because of what I do.
    2. My device is lightweight, mobile, capture the world around me, connect with others, starting conversations, sharing connections
    3. Communicate, collaborate, think critically, connect
    4. Organize thoughts, track my progress, connector
    5. be artistic, create animations or just keep a journal
    6. It's what I build and what I create with, personalized, unique and expressive
    7. What is my device? It's a #2 pencil or is it an iPad, iPhone.
    8. Technology is not just a device...it's a solution to a problem, obstacle that we face as lifelong learners.
    9. Speed, precision, impact that we make. Focus on those questions rather than the device, you start to think differently.
    10. Describing learning, reflecting, producing meaningful learning experiences.
    11. Focus on the Why, not the How (which is secondary). If we do that, we can make our devices unlimited.
    12. Overcome obstacles of time and difficulty.
    13. I anticipate the day when mentioning the iPad in connection with learning....
  6. Hack the Classroom
    1. Kevin Mitnick Story - Rapping Kevin Mitnick's story
    2. Interested in hacking...Eric S Raymond's 9 lessons, Cathedral and the Bazaar:
      1. Too many ___work on projects they neither ____ nor ____. Every good piece of ____ starts by ______.
        1. Too many programmers work on projects they neither need or want. Every good piece of coding starts by scratching a personal itch.
      2. School is a dog with a scratch protector around its neck...prevents itch scratching.
  7. Michelle Cordy (@iPadwells)
    1. Check his blog online
    2. It's human nature to condense and remember only one sentence (unless you blog)
    3. [Miguel Message: You were great, iPadwells even if you lost your slides!]
    4. Played the piano
  8. James Richardson
    1. Leading transformational change
    2. 2009: Buck Lodge was labelled as a failing school. We had to change and had to change quickly.
    3. Our classrooms were purveyors of knowledge and they poured into students' brains.
    4. In 2011: We received 1000 instructional devices--iPads.
    5. Life as we knew it had changed.
    6. Developed a differentiated PD plan for teachers in our building
    7. Teachers moved from sage on the stage to guide on the side
    8. It's all about the students.
  9. Amy Mayer (@friedtechnology)
    1. No child has ever been, or ever will be, deeply personally invested in a worksheet.
    2. Student interest increases as we give them more choices.
    3. Have some fun with sulfuric acid...give them choices and they'll just go with it and see
    4. Remember when we used to think there would be flying cars? Music takes up no space
    5. In 2015, your phone does everything you would have spent your entire paycheck on in 1999.
    6. People don't buy drills because they want drills, they buy drills because they want holes. We buy these devices because we want to improve education.
  10. Reshan Richards (@reshanrichards and @explaineverything)
    1. The process is the product.
    2. Knowing that...I'm in AUstin
    3. Knowing How...
    4. Learning that...
    5. Learning How...
    6. Assessing that...assessing how
    7. Started a blog about iPad apps not designed for education but could be appropriated for education
    8. Incredible opportunities into questions about assessment...we built something.
    9. With mobile devices, there are opportunities to consume and curate content, to build skilsl, to play game, generate metric information on progress...I am most interested in students creating representations of understanding...qualitative formative assessment.
    10. I believe there are 4 things that are possible on mobile devices:
      1. Making pictures
      2. Taking screenshots
      3. Filming videos
      4. Screencasting
    11. I've realized...to make it in this edtech world, you need two things:
      1. An acronym
      2. an Infographic
    12. I'm going to piece these things together--QFAT, qualitative formative assessment toolkit
    13. Document learning with mobile technology
    14. [Hilarious!! Thanks for Explain Everything!]
  11. Rafranz Davis (@rafranzdavis)
    1. Opening the doors of Diversity in Education
    2. Diversity is...what it is, what it is not, and why it matters.
    3. There's something powerful about ideas and how they matter
    4. The experts, the greatest in the field...what about the rest of us? Women, people of color, different backgrounds age?
    5. What does that matter and how does it impact schools?
    6. You cannot be what you cannot see.
    7. Diversity is not one-dimensional
    8. Students will be who they are allowed to see.
  12. Carl Hooker (@hookertech)
    1. We are facing a zombie apocalypse
    2. It's more about the assessment apocalypse
    3. This is where/when learning becomes "undead"
    4. Remember "This is a test, only a test"
    5. It's kinda scary
    6. I heard about a kid who pulled out all of her hair
    7. Stress defined: body's reaction to harmful situations
    8. Kids become testing zombies
    9. Test Prep book...available for kindergarten
    10. Lack of learning that's taking place...lack of brains.
    11. During regular movement, engaging learning...there is scientific research the brain activity goes down.
    12. My zombie child ate your honor student's brain
    13. #UnDeadLearning
    14. What I want you to do next year, form a small revolution on twitter and instagram. Snap the pencil in half and post the picture #undeadlearning
    15. Do this after school
Left to right (top): James Richardson, HacktheClassroom, Michael Cohen (@TechRabbi)
Left to right (bottom): Felix Jacomino, Jenny Magiera, George Couros
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