#ETDrive - Yet Another Conversation about Leadership, Technology, Support, and Learning in K-16

Please allow me to announce #etdrive, yet another conversation at the intersection of leadership, technology, technical support, and learning in K-16 education. As I've lurked and learned from so many of my colleagues, I can't help but be inspired by their work and want to amplify the voices of Texas educators involved in education and technology support, whether their role be that of a CTO, Technical Support, Instructional Technology, etc.

Amplifying Texas voices can yield many benefits. While the insights of Texas educators are comparable to that of others learning in a global learning space online through Twitter, Voxer, GoogleHangouts, Skype and the million other ways we can connect in virtual space, Texas voices speak to me. Those Texas voices are rich in insights that cut to the heart of Texas culture at the intersection of education, technology, leadership and support.
“The ultimate freedom for creative groups is the freedom to experiment with new ideas. Some skeptics insist that innovation is expensive. In the long run, innovation is cheap. Mediocrity is expensive—and autonomy can be the antidote.”   TOM KELLEY General Manager, IDEO” ― Daniel H. PinkDrive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
Susan Highley - shighley or Vox @shighl945
The freedom to experiment is a lot of what #etdrive is about, and I'm thrilled at the opportunity to experiment and invite you to participate. It would be easy to rely on existing methods of interacting with others, I definitely feel engaged by the power of the human voice:
We loved Voxer so much because we could hear each other. We heard passion, excitement, disappointment, frustration, a variety of feelings that are hard to translate through written word. Immediately, the dynamics of how we communicated and what we communicated evolved. Source: Voxer
If you've been using Twitter for awhile, you're probably "ready to evolve." I'm grateful to Susie Highley (Twitter: @shighley and Voxer: shighl945) for introducing me to two resources:
Some Tips that I intend to add to over time as my own experience with Voxer increases:
    • Tap the arrow to the right of a Vox to listen up to 3x speed
    • Create Chats with more than one person; this allows you to change the name. You can add folks to an existing chat.
My idea for these kinds of conversations arose from a need I've observed, as have others, among the Texas Technology Education Coordinators Special Interest Group (TECSIG). So, this whole idea springs from a desire to satisfy a need for Texans to connect with each other. I know I get excited when I consider what others might be sharing from a Texas perspective.
Disclaimer: I had thought to use the hashtag #tecsig for the Voxer Chats and Twitter, but even though I'm an officer of the TECSIG organization (I invite you to join!), I decided to create this separate effort. Still, the reason #etdrive exists is because of my TECSIG campaign and awareness of the needs out there. I apologize in advance if I've stepped on TCEA, TECSIG for pursuing this approach in this manner. Finally, I do not have any intentions of profiting or making money off #etdrive. It is something I am committed to as a Texas educator and a global learner.

Over the next few months, I'd like to invite you to join in on Twitter and Voxer with the hashtag of #etdrive , a hat tip to Dan Pink's book, Drive, which explores motivation. Motivation, being self-directed, is, obviously, quite important.

To get started, you can join the #etdrive Voxer group, as well as follow the hashtag on Twitter (you may want read these 5 Tips to Stay Sane During a TwitterChat).

etdrive 2015 Strands
All chats may be a part of a specific strand, including the following:
  • CTO - These are focused on leadership, technology, infrastructure planning and communications. Target audience includes CTOs, CIOs, Technology Directors/Coordinators, and others who aspire to lead in these areas.
  • TI: Technical Infrastructure - These are focused on technical support (helpdesks, end user equipment repair, software support, mobile device management (MDM), storage, virtual servers, etc.), as well as systems integration or account management.
  • ET: Instructional Technology/etcoaching - These are focused on those who serve as Instructional Technologists or edtech campus/district coaches.
Of course, you may participate in any strand you prefer.

etdrive 2015 VoxerChat Topics*
*Months subject to change on speaker availability. Also, these folks have volunteered and schedules aren't set in stone yet (are they ever?) pending contact with them. I am VERY grateful to volunteers who are willing to share their insights.
  1. July: 
    1. CTO: Engaging Dynamic Data Strategies (Guest: K-12 Dynamics)
    2. TI: Systems Integration and Account Management (Guest: Virgil Kirk)
  2. August: 
    1. ET:How To Launch a Robotics Program in Your District (Guest: Jim Jewell)
  3. September: 
    1. CTO: Disaster Recovery
  4. October: 
    1. CTO: Student Data Privacy and Security (Guest: Steve Young @atemyshorts)
  5. November: 
    1. ET: Making Coding a Priority
  6. December: 
    1. ET: Best Use of Digital Textbooks (Guest: Luann Hughes @luannhughes)
  7. January: 
    1. CTO: Many Hats: Technology Leadership (Guest: Dr. Max Frazier @drmax_NU)
  8. February: 
    1. ET: Blended Learning (Guest: Dr. Joy Rosseau - @jrousseau875 @Arpisd)
  9. March: 
    1. ET: Computer Science in Texas Schools (Guest: Kim Garcia @digitallearner)
  10. April: 
    1. CTO: Project Management
  11. May: 
    1. CTO: Streamlining District Processes: APQC (Guest: Mark Gabehart
  12. June: 
    1. TI: Chromebook Management (Guest Facilitator: Austin Dennis)
Don't worry, links for each topic above will become available as these chats are scheduled! Check back by July 10, 2015. All guests are tentatively confirmed.

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