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Send Encrypted Email - Easier with Whiteout Mailbox Personal Edition

Looking for an easy way to encrypt your emails to family and friends? Then look no further than Whiteout Mailbox Personal edition, which was recently released at no-cost for personal use:
So today we are happy to announce that we are offering Whiteout Mailbox Personal Edition with 2GB storage for free, starting today. The product is still in beta, but you can sign up today, no invite code needed. And tell your friends!...The Whiteout Mail client for use with your existing mailbox is of course also available for free. You can find my previous blog entries recommending Whiteout here and here.

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My Favorite Summer #Fiction Tales #ebook #reading

Are you reading non-fiction via Twitter, Flipboard, and a million other social media outlets? Every day, a new app pops up and demands your attention (e.g. Voxer with audio, Periscope with video) do you decide what will win the competition for your attention?  There are so many "leadership" and "self-help" books out there, not to mention blogs, podcasts, videos, that if you're an educator, you can be assured you'll never be bored. That said, for me, it's pretty easy--I began my love affair with reading when I was a youngster, and
Fiction Book Pick: Looking for an action-packed thriller? You'll want to peer into Chandler McGrew's Cold Heart*. The book by Chandler McGrew (@chandlermcgrew), caught my attention from the get-go. Though I seldom do it anymore, I read the book straight through in one sitting.  Imagine telling a fiction story using Periscope, or delivering a serial audio book via Voxer. Ah well, won't be long. After all, folks…

MyNotes: How and Why Educators Use Twitter

The following are my notes from Jeffrey P. Carpenter's (@doccarpenter) and Daniel G. Krutka's (@dankrutka) study, How and Why Educators Use Twitter: A Survey of the Field, published in JRTE Vol. 46, No. 4. MyNotes

As of July 2013, there were approximately 200 million users of Twitter, including approximately 18% of online adults in the United States (Duggan & Smith, 2013).Various scholars have noted that Web 2.0 sites such as Twitter afford users numerous benefits, and Jenkins and colleagues (2009) went as far as to say that the “new participatory cultures” afforded by such sites may “represent ideal learning environments” (p. 10). These tools reduce spatial and temporal constraints on communication and allow users to collaborate around topics of interest. The “affinity spaces” facilitated by such media encourage sharing and peer-to-peer learning that enable participants to benefit from collective intelligence (Gee, 2004). Junco and colleagues (2011) have argued that Twitte…

Growing a Digital Data Archive @evernote @googledrive #eportfolios #iplza15 #edtech

Hard to believe, but last summer, a colleague asked me to craft a proposal for a "digital data archive," exploring the various options. I did but then promptly forgot about it when the school decided to not pursue it. In chatting with a friend at iPadpalooza 15, I remembered that I had done this and had not shared it.

As such, I hope someone will find this helpful!

Overview Provide 4 teachers with the opportunity to track quantifiable data, notes (e.g. Student Data Profile), as well as student evidence of learning in digital format (e.g. Evidence).
Professional Development Teachers will need to complete a series of self-paced and face to face sessions. The course overview includes professional development in the eGT digital tools.
Why is this necessary? Currently, tracking of student data is paper-based and relies upon the creation of multiple folders that would become unwieldy to create and track. The staggering number of paper folders generated by ONE freshmen class of students …

MyNotes: PinIt - Transforming Social Media Networks into ProfLearning Tools #iplza15 #teachertips @jspille

This session, Pin It: Transforming Social Media Networks into Professional Learning Tools, with Jesse Thompson and Lee Valenti (@hi5teaching) at iPadpalooza. Special thanks to Jennifer Spille (@jspille) for dragging me along to this session...with my broken GPS, I never would have found it! :-)

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Our Problem: How to improve collaboration between team members? Could social media help our team share and collect ideas more effectively?Solution included Twitter, Pinterest and Evernote...these represent the 3 pillars of the solution they decided on.Share: Twitter for sharing: teachers could read an article, they would be tweeted at with a linkCollect: Pinterest to collect the resourcesStore: Evernote to create. Record those things that were tried and true, that worked and save them for next year.If we couldn't meet F2F, we could meet virtually.Twitter = Share@ mentions#hashtagDM Direct messages - allows you to put in videos, etc.List creationNever Miss a Tweet Again!…

MyNotes: 21st Century Leader #iplza15

Presentation by Mr. Albert Canales, Mr. Jacob Camacho, and Ms. Kristine Garza on 21st Century Leader session at iPadpalooza 2015. Check out materials online at

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McAllen Independent School District presentationWhat do we need to do to change...Today, we're actually 1 to 1 with the whole district.How do you want to get better?Question: Tell us more about city building. Our superintendent is really behind this and they have been working with city to get more WiFi access points. Have discussions to ensure access from home. When we first started, students didn't have access. 75% of the apps don't need internet. Let's start with baby steps, look at ways we can save things off the internet while at school then take them home for resources they need. If you go through our Smore, you'll find several stages of professional learning. With our elementary students/teach…

MyNotes: #iplza15 App-mazing Math Through Visible Thinking with @zigzagstech @klirenman #qfat

This session, App-Mazing Math through Visible Thinking, by Meghan Zigmond (@zigzagstech)-- shared at iPadpalooza 2015 conference. You can find resources online at Be sure to check out Meghan's ThingLink page.

Announcement:Join #etdrive, a Texas wide conversation focused on 3 strands using "push to learn" technology, VoxerChats. Follow these two steps to begin your learning journey now.
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MyNotes - PreSession

About Pre-Session ExpectationGreat music track running.Warm and friendly atmosphereSome apps Meghan is sharing:HyperlapseThingLink of Math App-mazing ToolsNumberRackNumber PiecesNumber FramesFlipagramThink 3D FreeFeltboardKey ConceptsApp Smash to Make Thinking VisibleShare your creativityApps to ShareBook CreatorTellagamiThinglinkExplainEverythingChatterpixFlipagramPopplet LiteSkitchPicCollageKidBlogTwitter[Some apps to make 3D creations]MyNotes - Session
I'm all about visible thinking.Lot of first grade…