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Source: WhiteOut Mail client for iOS

As you may recall, I first wrote about WhiteOut email encryption solution back in February (wow, it seems like forever but only a few months):
Earlier today, I received an email from Oliver at Whiteout:
We’re just launching Whiteout Mail, an integrated solution for adding end-to-end encryption to your existing email address. Think of it as Thunderbird+Enigmail+GPGTools, all integrated, easy to use, and running in the browser and on your mobile devices. Installed in six minutes or less. Open source and free. So that more people can start encrypting their important messages. 
Oliver wasn't kidding! I've covered how you can encrypt your email/SMS/Evernote notes using free, open source tools likeParanoiaWorks, as well as file attachments, and/or use Mozilla Thunderbird with ENIGMAil or Mailvelope
You can find out more about this easy to use solution for encrypting your email across multiple devices and platforms at their blog:
In fact Whiteout Mail is the first wholly-integrated PGP-client for iOS, where a single app lets users read and write encrypted emails and communicate with other PGP users. And with full IMAP support it connects to any existing mailbox.
The application has a fully responsive design, runs on every size display and adapts to the available screen real estate, with optimized layouts for smartphone and tablet form factors.
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