Break New Ground

Are you changing to match new circumstances, or remaining the same in alignment to the past? Or, put another way, How can we adjust to change while remaining the same? I'm not sure, but it's something that I asked myself after reading this quote over at Dangerously Irrelevant...I apologize for modifying the quote slightly to take it out of its baseball/casino context:
[what] remains static will eventually regress and deteriorate. People, too. So the antidote is to be proactive. Change before you’re forced to. Keep putting yourself in the best positions to succeed. When things break the wrong way, break new ground 
Source: Adapted from Ramona Shelburne as cited at Dangerously Irrelevant
How does one change before they are forced to? The only way to accomplish that is to get busy learning, otherwise, you're the famous Shawshank Redemption movie based on Stephen King's book points out:

In schools, it's easy to drift towards quiet, towards an all-consuming silence of the book room, the classroom when children aren't present. More dangerous, though, than the silence of inactivity is the stultification of people, made quiet drones.

Everything we see trending fights that. Our children make drones to be more active. They program computers to be more alive themselves. Our teachers engage in professional learning via PLNs and twitter to avoid the stasis of fossilization.

Get busy living...or die. How affirming is that invitation? As one of my favorite lines in World War Z put it, "Movimiento es vida."

Off to lie on the couch for awhile.

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