Monday, May 18, 2015

$99 STEAM Summer 2015 Conference

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Are you looking to attend an Arts conference this year that has meaningful presentations, a wide variety of networking opportunities, and is cost-effective?  Would you like to have the flexibility to attend on your own time and from wherever you might be located?  Welcome to the next generation of professional development for educators…the Summer 2015 Connectivity Conference! Twice a year, EducationCloset hosts the Connectivity Conference: an virtual arts integration conference for educators from around the globe.  We are the original developers of high-impact, Arts-centered online conferences and know what you need and desire from your unique perspective as an arts educator.

Summer 2015 THEME : Turning Projects through Process in Arts Integration & STEAM

This year’s theme is all about how to connect arts integration and STEAM through Project-Based Learning. We have:
  • top-notch presenters on topics centered around arts, technology, project-based learning and Common Core
  • an exciting exhibit hall
  • incredible giveaways and swag
  • an exclusive online conference platform.
  • budget-friendly: only $99 to register and you get to access the information for an entire year.
This conference is specially designed for arts educators, teaching artists, and classroom teachers who are looking to integrate science, technology, engineering and math with the ARTS into their classrooms.  Topics will include:
    • hands-on arts and technology sessions
    • arts integration strategy sessions
    • research-based information about arts integration and STEAM
    • and unique opportunities to “play” with the arts and technology.
    This conference is for innovators and educators who want to bring engaging, meaningful integration to ALL of their students.  JOIN US!

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