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5 Tips to Stay Sane during a #TwitterChat

Like anyone else, I have to work hard to navigate the turbulent seas of a TwitterChat, even though I'm quite comfortable with tools like and, which allow for multi-pane views of information. Still, there can be quite a bit to track while participating in a Twitterchat, much less facilitating one like yesterday. 

I shudder at the organization required to keep one going from week to week with guests, etc. In fact, I find Twitterchats to be more involved than weekly podcasts but quite interactive...I can't wait to do an EduVoxerChat that moves twitter contributions into audio!

In planning our Twitterchat, Diana Benner and I setup a GoogleDoc, then asked our guests to map out their responses to the 7 questions. This enabled them to kick out their initial response and then interact with the other participants.

Part of the tips I offered them included the following, 5 Tips to Stay Sane During a TwitterChat. I'm going to separate that offering out…

#edtechcoach Twitter Chat Transcript

You can find the complete transcript below:

or at Twubs -
Via #edtechcoach

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Going to Gabon:Tech Tips for an Educator

A colleague is leaving for Gabon (where the heck is that?!?) soon, and we did a quick run-through of some considerations for her laptop. After all, she was traveling into the unknown with her brand new laptop, and I wanted to ensure she'd thought of everything.

After we did a hasty search for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider that works in Gabon (surprisingly, googling "best vpn in gabon" worked great at obtaining this information), I discussed a few other must-haves. Fortunately, I had my list of Top Security Tips for Educators handy but decided to whittle it down for her...what I actually emailed her appears below my question to you....

What would you add for a world traveler?

1) Keeping your passwords safe. There are many password managers, like1Password,LastPassthat are online, while others can be saved on your computer or device (e.g.Keepass). I like Keepass. 
2) Encrypt confidential files Encrypt confidential data (use Secure Space Encryptor (SSE)) laptop. If y…

5 Tips and a #TwitterChat Announcement: #Coaching Stories #edtechcoach (Updated)

Update:Chat transcript appears at bottom of post! Thanks to all who participated!!

Coaching, especially coaching for technology integration, has really "taken off." In fact, some see coaching as a transformational activity, lending "wings" to people who coach and to those who are coached.
Since we've been exploring collegial coaching for technology integration, that is, coaching that happens between peers at a school or site, with Dr. Wilson and Dr. Alaniz, we are facilitating a TwitterChat about stories that reflect how coaching has impacted you and/or others.

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Are you ready to share your EdTech Coaching Stories? If yes, I hope you will join Guests Dr. Dawn Wilson (@doctordkwilson) and Dr. Katie Alaniz (@Dr_Katie_Alaniz), as well as Co-hosts Diana Benner (@diben) and Miguel Guhlin (@mguhlin)!!

The topic is Coaching Stories! for the TwitterChat on
Thursday, May 28, 2015
will be at 8:00pm (CST).