Against the Wind: Hierarchy of No

As a veteran bureacrat and "hierarchy setter-upper", I absolutely love this excerpt from How Hierarchies Kill Creativity:
For all their efficiencies, hierarchies turn out to be remarkably inefficient when organizations are trying to leverage creative ideas and increase their innovation.
The problem is that the chain of command works well for issuing orders and making decisions. It works so well that creative ideas stand little chance of being utilized unless they’re being shared from the top downward. Creative ideas that come from the middle or lower levels of a hierarchy have to work their way up through a series of managers, each with the power to veto but each lacking the power to implement.
Supervisors often reject innovative ideas because the individuals who developed theses ideas understand the novelty and applicability of them better than supervisors. 
As an idea moves through the different levels, the likelihood of rejection increases, since those managers are further from the domain the idea applies to and less likely to understand its true value in that domain. This turns a chain of command into what Vanderbilt professor Dave Owens calls a “hierarchy of no.”
Beautiful, eh?

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Tanya Guillory said…
Hi Minguel, My name is Tanya and I am a student at USA in Mobile, Alabama. I enjoyed your post. I do believe that many of your readers can identify with having a great idea but don't feel like anyone "above" them will listen.
Kristy G.Scott said…
Hello Miguel! Good day, I'm working in an advertising org and i want to share that i believe ideas generates itself. it can strike your mind any where and any time, just what matters is that how you use that idea.

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