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Coaches Connect! @doctordkwilson @Dr_Katie_Alaniz

Did you know about the digital coaching movement that is transforming how we facilitate professional learning for campuses, classrooms and teachers? If not, you'll definitely want to tune into one successful model known as collegial coaching for technology integration, based on the research of Dr. Dawn Wilson (@doctordkwilson) and Dr. Katie Alaniz (@Dr_Katie_Alaniz) out of Houston, Texas.

This online webinar--facilitated via Adobe Connect--will enable you to connect with two premier edtech coaches as well as other coaches who may decide to join the conversation.

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, May 3 at 4:30pm (CST)!
Questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments of this blog post!

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Job Posting: Lackland ISD 1 to 1 iPad Technician

Lackland ISD is looking for a motivated individual to be the lead technician to take charge of our 1:1 iPad initiative! We have a great team!

Find out more at

Note that this was shared via the Texas4TEE Google+ Community, a free resource available to Texas educators! Sign up!

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Job Posting: Pflugerville ISD Instructional Technology Positions

From Pflugerville ISD folks:
"We are working hard to build an infrastructure that will last for a decade and support any instructional initiatives that come our way. Our 2014 Bond has set aside over $5 million for student devices and we need instructional leaders to join our team and help us integrate.This doesn’t mean 1:1 in Pflugerville, but we are steadily moving in that direction. We are about to break ground on High School #4 and the work just keeps on coming as a result of our growth. Join our team and help us grow teachers that can inspire students…"

Job Posting

Elementary Job Description

Secondary Job Description

Everything posted on Miguel Guhlin's blogs/wikis are his personal opinion and do not …

Framework for the 4Cs (Updated)

In an earlier blog entry, Tech Incorporated: 5 Transformations for Classrooms, I explored 5 transformations that I would like to see happen in classrooms today.

To revisit those transformations briefly, they included the following:
Problem-based Learning, or at worst, Project-based Learning. Read More about PBL | Visit Professional Learning SiteCollaboration: The hallmark of today's technology-embedded classrooms must be increased communication opportunities, as well as's about creating a multimedia anthology of digital stories to be read, viewed, listened to across the wide global spectrum. Read more about 3 Steps to Leverage TechnologyLifelong Electronic Portfolios:  Creating lifelong ePortfolios will enable students, parents, and teachers greater insight into what we learn, how we learn and what impact that has on us as human beings.
Find out more:ePortfolios | Picture Portfolios | Holly Clark's Post on Digital PortfoliosEmpower the Previously Impo…

So what?

Ever do something and then ask yourself, "So what?" So what was the value of this activity? Did it change me for the better? Did it improve me in some way? Did it help someone else? Did it transform the situation we find ourselves in?
"Just a friendly reminder that your Flickr Pro account has expired." When the email from Flickr came in, I asked myself, "So what?" Unfortunately, with my photos scattered on multiple cloud services, the answer to the Flickr Pro account was...indifference.

How many times do you ask, "So what?" when you read or hear something...and does that prompt you to wonder, like it does me, is indifference an attitude to cultivate or a weed to be removed?

Everything posted on Miguel Guhlin's blogs/wikis are his personal opinion and do not necessarily represent the views of his employer(s) or its clients. Read Full Disclosure

Stop the Pretending to #makeschooldifferent

In the meme, 5 Things We Have to Stop Pretending, Jeanne Reed points out the following:
What should we stop pretending is good in education? What are 5 things that I can help change to improve learning outcomes for students?

1. Coaching each student or staff member at their level not to a fictious middle level, #PBL, #differentiation, #noStaffLeftBehind
2. Reaching each student to become better digital citizens, #digitalCitizenship #global 
3. Encouraging kids to find their passion and don't give up, #joyOfLearning
4. Making time for collaboration, #teamwork
5. Embracing the chaos where students find a new gear that they never even knew they had, #makerEd, #kidsCanCodeHere is my list of 5 Things We Have to Stop Pretending in education to #makeschooldifferent:

We have to stop pretending that...
Teachers can actually teach in ways described by the Classroom Learning Activity Rubricwhile preparing children for high stakes assessments. They can't, and their failure makes technology embe…

Learning Event Today (04/25/2015) - Discovery Education Spring VirtCon2015

One hopes you are aware of the following event taking place TODAY:

Find out more online at

Texas Summer Google Conferences for Elem and Sec. Folks

Be sure to check out exciting summer's one more:

Klein ISD (Area 4) and TCEA are joining forces to host two Google events this summer ….one for Elementary – June 22 -23rd and one for Secondary - June 24 – 25th.  Sessions will be for the advanced and the beginner.  TCEA trainers will be presenting at both events as well as some very savvy classroom teachers.  Everyone is welcome but hurry as seating is limited.  Go to to register. 
If you are interested in presenting, please use the following link to submit a session…..if your session is accepted and you are a TCEA member, your registration is free.  Link to Google Session Submissions
Two Events –  1.ElementaryK-5:June22 – 23,2015 (Beginner and Advanced Sessions)  2.  Secondary6–12:June24 – 25, 2015(Beginner andAdvanced Sessions)
Registration$100.00/permember (two dayevent) $145.

Do You Carry? - 5 Tips for Newbie #CHL Holders #texas #ccw

"Do you carry?" The question popped into my head as I watched my fellow educators at a regional conference. If I stopped and asked them this intensely personal question, "Do you carry?," how would they respond?

Surprisingly, most of those I asked said, "Yes." It was a stunning response, given that those responding would challenge your stereotypes of who carries a handgun. What was even more surprising is that each respondent had earned their Concealed Handgun License (CHL).

I immediately felt as if I'd missed out on an important change. Not unlike the teacher who chats with her colleagues and realizes, "Hey, I'm not connected via social media tools like Twitter!" I found myself wondering if I needed to be learning about CHL. So, I signed up for a CHL class, and began the journey. Along the way, I've seen a few things, learned a few more and share them below as a way to keep it all straight. I hope these tips will be useful to "n…