To Connect and Bridge - TEC-SIG Election Results

While participating in an exciting meeting about data warehousing earlier this week, an email flashed on my Chromebook's screen, as well as my Android phone--SIG Election Results. As my Texas colleagues, and regular readers, may recall, a colleague was kind enough to nominate me for the position of Vice-President/President-Elect for the TCEA Technology Education Coordinators Special Interest Group, or TEC-SIG for short. I wrote about my thoughts in Where Our Voices Matter blog entry.

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When I received the email, my thoughts flashed involuntarily to my Can we be better? blog post, where I shared the following:
As a leader, I constantly ask myself, "Can I be better than I was in the past?" I believe we must ask the same question as a learning organization. As I ponder what TEC-SIG might be in two years, I see an organization whose ranks have swelled to include all who labor on behalf of our students, from the technicians who crawl in the ceiling laying cable to the curriculum coach who suggests Google Classroom as an easy way for a teacher to share learning resources in a PBL unit to the Chief Technology Officer who must lead, connect, and communicate to achieve far-reaching results. 
As your Vice-President/President-Elect, I will do my utmost to collaborate with others to connect, communicate, collaborate and create a qualitatively better experience for TEC-SIG members while reaching out to those who are unaware but needful, disenfranchised but longing for a place where their voices...where ourvoices...matter.
As I reflect on this question, I would like to invite fellow TEC-SIG members--as well as reach out to those who are not members, who perhaps have felt left out--and invite them to share their thoughts about improving how we might connect. I ask this outside of TEC-SIG boundaries because I believe it's important to connect and bridge.

Some of the questions--and more are hovering at the edge of articulation--that pop into my mind as a "new" officer (most will probably be answered at New SIG Officer training, what a neat innovation since my previous term!):

  • Are there any set procedures for handling/interacting with vendors? I'm thinking of sponsorships, etc. 
  • Any rules/regulations to where TEC-SIG information is posted? For example, I want to solicit feedback from people--who aren't members--and then point them to the TEC-SIG web site.
  • I'd really like to expand the description on the TEC-SIG web site to be more inclusive, as well as enhance it to reach a broader audience and be more "information-rich" and feature. When I look at it now, I ask myself, "Does this represent all our members and potential members who need support?"
The SIG Results were communicated by TCEA's Chance McKee, Director of Member Services for the organization. I am grateful to Chance for making contact during what, I believe, is TCEA's Spring Break!

The TCEA Special Interest Group results are as follows; I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to those elected to office, as well as my profound appreciation to others who made the effort to run for office!
The winner of each office is written in blue below: 

CAMP-SIG:Communication Liason 2-yearMaria HarringtonPam Cranford
TreasurerVana ShawNina PeeryLindsay Chase 
LIB-SIG:VP-President ElectCarolyn FooteNancy Jo LambertJan Hodge 
TA/CS-SIG:Tech Apps RepresentativeJo Elda CadenaTanya Snook  TEC-SIG:Treasurer:Cori Coburn-ShiflettTonia MeadowsRachel Medrano VP-President ElectMiguel GuhlinTracie SimentalJoel AdkinsMark Simmons

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