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#EdTechCoach Job Description

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Here's another EdTech Coach job description from Park View School:

Technology Integration Coach Job Description

PURPOSE:  The job of Technology Integration Coach was established for the purpose/s of improving student performance by interfacing with teachers to facilitate the integration of technology into teaching and learning by developing and conducting professional development sessions on infusing technology into the core areas of academic curriculum; maintaining training facility resources and equipment; providing input and recommendations regarding software purchases and district technology plans; and providing input/insight on ways to increase teachers’ use of technology as it positively impacts student performance in the classroom.

The Technology Integration Coach will work as a colleague with classroom teachers to support student learning and growth. The Technology Integration Coach will focus on individual and group professional development to refine instruction focused on student growth through personalized and differentiated instruction. The coach will promote teacher innovation and reflection. In order to meet this purpose, the Technology Integration Coach will provide personalized support based on the goals and identified needs of teachers, both individually and in small groups, through the use of district assessment data, curriculum maps, and the SAMR framework. The coach will work to develop an effective Instructional Technology Integration process that results in measurable improvement of engagement and learning for every PK-8 student.  

Overall Goals:

  1. Collaborate with classroom teachers and specialists to design and implement lessons and units of instruction, and assess student learning and instructional effectiveness.
  2. Empower staff to be reflective practitioners
  3. Ensure that staff are effective users of current educational research and student data to drive instruction for maximum student growth
  4. Provide job-embedded meaningful professional development opportunities for all staff

Performance Responsibilities:  

  1. Communicate and demonstrate differentiated and personalized instructional practices that result in student growth.
  2. Provide support in analyzing student assessment data and assist teachers with designing instructional decisions based on assessment data. Work directly with the Director of Technology, Principals, Teachers, and support staff as needed.
  3. Develops instructional technology solutions and related training materials for the purpose of providing users with tools needed to support student growth
  4. Actively meets with staff to plan the integration of technology into core instruction.
  5. When appropriate, leads class instruction in support of curricular objectives.
  6. Instruct and support teachers with curriculum hardware, software, & traditional resources, and classroom/curriculum/instructional related technologies and practices.
  7. Identify and support teacher integration of technology at the augmentation, modification and redefinition layers of the SAMR framework.
  8. Facilitate the professional development of teachers and support staff through building positive relationships and providing instructional coaching to teachers, support staff, and administrators.
  9. Conduct appropriate training for teachers and staff on the use and integration of educational technology.
  10. Communicate effectively with all members of the school district and community.
  11. Develop and maintain a confidential, collegial relationship with staff members.
  12. Encourage ongoing professional growth for all teachers through the development of a Professional Learning Network.
  13. Co-teach and model lessons as needed.  
  14. Assist with development, refinement, and implementation of district curriculum, instruction and assessments.
  15. Assist with the identification, selection, and development of resources to support learning.
  16. Attend workshops/conferences to learn about new innovative instructional strategies.
  17. Support teachers, staff members, and students with the identification and implementation of assistive technology.
  18. Assist building technology assistants in the basic maintenance of technology hardware and coordinate activities to provide for outsourced service when appropriate.
  19. Assist in the installation of newly acquired computer hardware (MacBooks, iMacs, iPad 2, printers, scanners, etc.) and software.
  20. Assist in the maintenance of the main school website, including maintenance and periodic updating of information.
  21. Respect and maintain confidentiality in the performance of all assigned duties.
  22. Work with volunteers when appropriate.
  23. Perform other appropriate tasks as assigned by the Principal, in coordination with the Director of Technology.
  24. Utilize emerging instructional technology to enhance student learning.
  25. Participates in meetings, workshops and/or trainings for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform job functions.
  26. Prepares documentation (e.g. user guides, recommendations, lesson plans, reports, instructions, memos, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference and/or conveying information.
  27. Support the philosophy and vision of Morton Grove District 70.
  28. Researches instructional technology related student achievement for the purpose of making recommendations and assisting with the design and implementation in order to meet the District master plan for instructional technology.

ALLOCATION: 1.0 FTE Technology Integration Coach

REPORTS TO: Principal


  1. Holds a valid Teacher’s Certification, with certification in technology preferred.
  2. Minimum of three years successful teaching experience
  3. Knowledge and experience with the integration of technology in an educational setting required
  4. Must be organized and punctual
  5. Good communication and interpersonal skills

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