And the Race is On! Vote for your #TECSIG Officers #txed #txeduchat

The following email arrived in my inbox earlier today announcing that elections for new TEC-SIG officers are now open. Please allow me to share some of my reflections on what each of the candidates had to say, or was reported as saying by the person who nominated them.

There are some great candidates running! I've taken the liberty of listing the candidates and reflecting on an aspect of their platform, my key take-away.

  • Cori Coburn-Shiflett, Educational Technologist for Georgetown ISD - Catch her on Twitter!
    Take-Away: "
    Every situation is a learning experience...We can become a greater resource to all if we reach out and become more inclusive of members who may not have access to certain tools & professionals of experience." Reflection: Amen to that!
  • Tonia MeadowsCurriculum & Technology Coordinator for Friendswood ISD - Catch her on Twitter!
    Take-Away: "
    TEC-SIG’s resourcefulness is directly related to the number of people that participate. The more we have contributing to the knowledge base the stronger we are as a group." Reflection: I don't disagree with this perspective! This is the power of having a robust network of folks to connect with.
  • Rachel Medrano, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Alice ISD - Send me your Twitter! ;-)
    "...the SIG is heading the correct direction with the amount of collaboration that takes place on the TEC-SIG listserv"
    Reflection: We are headed in the right direction and need to make adjustments--reaching out to under-represented groups--so we don't end up on the rocks. 

  • Joel Adkins (Read blog)Director of Digital Learning for Crandall ISD - Catch him on Twitter!
    Take-Away: "
    I think outside the box and bring in new ideas...we are at a point of being able to engage in more strategic conversations with TEA regarding E-Rate, reporting, and developing resources to share across the state." 
    Reflection: Given the wealth of resources available online, the question isn't what can we develop to share but how can we better build relationships that facilitate sharing in new ways...outside the box ways.
  • Miguel Guhlin (Read blog)Director of Technology Operations for East Central ISD - Follow on Twitter!
    Take-Away: Gee, just read the campaign platform online!
    Reflection: Reading my campaign platform, you wonder how this can be accomplished in 2 years. I shudder to think what happens if we don't unite together to address the challenges the organization faces, as well as strengthen our blessings.
  • Tracie SimentalDirector of Technology for Huntsville ISD - Catch her on Twitter!
    Take-Away: "
    SIG should be a resource that will provide professional growth opportunities of individuals and facilitate relationships between districts."
    Reflection: One of the most succinct points that gets at the heart of who we are.
  • Mark Simmons, Technology Director for Sabine ISD - Catch him on Twitter!
    To increase membership and collaboration through meaningful professional development."
    Reflection: Professional development is only one aspect of Mark's plan. But collaboration and increased membership has to be one of the leading strategies.

Wow, lots of great candidates running against me for TEC-SIG Vice-President. Maybe, I should put it a different way:

There are a lot of great candidates running to make TEC-SIG a space where even MORE of our voices matter!
Best of luck to all the candidates! There is no shame in losing, only in not having made the effort to improve the world around you!

BTW, would this be a good time to mention I'm an INTJ? Just want to make sure you know...

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