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MyNotes: Technology Coach to Support Tech Integration

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Authors: William Sugar, Patricia J. Slagter van Tryon

In an effort to develop a virtual technology coach for K-12 educators, this article analyzed survey results from sixty teachers with regards to specific resources that a technology coach could provide within a virtual environment. A virtual technology coach was proposed as a possible solution to provide continual professional development for teachers to support their technology integration efforts. Results indicate that the Collaboration, Discussion, Learning, and Sharing resources of a virtual technology coach are considered valuable. This finding appears to corroborate the importance of developing a professional learning community to promote effective and sustained technology integration strategies among teachers. In addition, these virtual technology coaching attributes are identified in cur…

Podcast: Collegial Coaching for Tech Integration #edtechcoach #educoach #txed

"Write what you live," were the powerful words from Dr. Dawn Wilson. Dr. Dawn Wilson, Dr. Katie Alaniz are authors of Naturalizing Digital Immigrants: Collegial Coaching for Technology Integration.

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In this 40-50 minute podcast--scroll down--Dawn, Katie and I explore a variety of questions relevant to what is known as "edtech coaching" or "digital coaching."
Announcement: Be sure to stay tuned for an interactive conversation that will occur one Sunday evening in the future! That will be announced soon!
Naturalizing Digital Immigrants The Power of Collegial Coaching for Technology Integration KATIE ALANIZ AND DAWN WILSON Effective educational leadership entails continuously seeking and implementing innovative professional development opportunities for teachers and support staff. In today’s age of rapid technology expansion within educational settings, professional development targetin…

Visioning: District EdTech Coaches #edtechcoach #edtech #educoach

While chatting with a colleague this morning about districts transitioning to edtech coaching, I wondered, what would a school district need to begin moving towards an EdTech Coaching initiative?
The answer is fairly simple--significant culture change and a willingness to endure pain. As one colleague put it to me, "We would build on staff strengths." What a winning answer!
In my previous blog entries, I've shared various implementation models and job descriptions that districts are using as they transition Instructional Technology specialist positions to "edtech coaches" (BTW, I've finally settled on "edtech coach" over the other alternatives, including "digital coaches," "technology coaches," etc.). 
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Below, here's a sample proposal that a district like Ardent ISD (a fake school district I made up for situation just like this one) considered. It includes severa…