Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Power of "NOT YET"

One of the strengths I have always admired in my colleagues is this--their profound commitment, an eager desire to do what is best for students and staff in public schools.

In fact, if there was one unifying aspect of staff in technology support positions, it would be that eager desire to meet the needs of others. In fact, it's what gets me out of bed in the morning, keeps me up late at night, and it spurs reflection throughout the day. It's not a quality unique to dedicated folks in education and technology, from the most puissant technical staff to the most technical technology director. When I interviewed for a position in my department earlier this school year, this was the quality that defined and connected the interview panel with the candidate of choice.

Sometimes, though, a disconnect occurs between this eager want to do what is best and what actually IS the best. This is not unusual for human beings; we often mistake our fondest desires for what is best for all. Public education, like any of the others, can also go astray. That's why the necessity to clarify vision and mission.

How to accomplish that as an organization, as well as an individual, is enough to keep any one person constantly growing and moving forward. Thankfully, it isn't about any one person, but rather a community of committed people who ALL have that desire to grow forward, who when asked, "Have we arrived?" look around and say, "Not yet!" challenging their own beliefs.

We all need to cultivate a growth mindset...a culture of believing you, and I, can improve:

We can always grow to be stronger, smarter, more connected. Just as technology changes to match the challenges that must be overcome, so must we change to find, develop and/or use those technologies to grow our services.

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