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The Meeting Formula - @TCEA #TECSIG #txed

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Roadblock #2 - The Meeting Formula

"What's the format of a TEC-SIG meeting?" It's a question with an easy answer. As long as I have been a member, the formula has deviated only slightly. On Thursdays, the entire group meets, attending a keynote and a few break-out sessions. On Friday morning, a Texas Education Agency (TEA) staffer gives a short talk about increasingly less important information. Isn't it time to change things up after so many years? Let's do mix things up a bit! Imagine the energy that would be generated by having an EdCamp style TEC-SIG meeting, blending in Pecha Kucha, table talks, and problem-based learning (PBL) approaches. A real need is how we can streamline processes using approaches like the Baldridge Model or American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC). These efforts can enable us to build on improving processes and performance management, which are sorely needed in K-12 schools, and (dare we say it?), our own work as professionals in an organization. 

Another key consideration includes the simple fact that we are awash in a sea of learning opportunities. Like TCEA, TEC-SIG's parent organization, we have the responsibility to connect with others through a variety of social media approaches. These connections are already happening with other organizations, and I know I would love to find out how others are accomplishing a variety of technical and instructional goals through webinars and just-in-time VoxerChatsGoogle+ Hangouts and Twitterchats. These kinds of opportunities strengthen our annual face to face meetings--in Fall, Winter, and Spring--and enable us to build relationships with fellow Texans.

Detour - Join with other TEC-SIG officers and volunteer-leaders to transform how we interact during face to face and online meetings.

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