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You may recall I discussed this topic--Data Warehouses (a.k.a. business intelligence) in a widely-read blog entry, Data-Driven Districts Face Growing Pains. One fact is incontrovertible--school districts need access to a bewildering array of just-in-time data collection, analysis, aggregation/disaggregation tools that intersect along a multitude of points (e.g. student demographics, teacher quality, end of course). Worse, it's not enough to just house the data from your student information system and be able to query it. You also have to be able to generate a variety of data files.
Update: Read this ASCD Educational Leadership article on the subject

Traci Clarke (@k12dynamics), K-12 Dynamics
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Listen to this informative audio of Traci Clarke from K-12 Dynamics, answering the question that keeps many CTOs up late at night--how to deal with data using the Dynamic District Dashboard. This is a great affordable product for K-12 school districts, including small ones!!
To see the K12 Dynamics District Dashboard in action, take a moment to watch this video below:

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