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Digital Coaching Resources #edtechcoach (Updated)

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"This network looks like spa-ghe-tti," pointed out an irritating bald-headed man in cowboy boots and suspenders. He had just turned me into the director of accelerated instruction, and she was meeting with my principal.

You see, my assistant and I had strung telephone wire--AppleTalk network, for those of you who are familiar--around the newly created computer lab to get it up and working as soon as possible. Unfortunately, our eagerness to make things work had kindled the ire of the district technology czar.

All of this led to me sitting in the principal's office, presumably in trouble.

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As you might guess, I received a "pass" on trouble. Instead, my principal put me in charge of technology for the school, and I was given carte blanche to do what was needed to make things work. The decision on the part of my principal and the director seems obvious to me now, but at the age of 20 something, it just looked like I'd crossed a point of no return for my career in education.

Over the years, I must confess to a certain impatience with people who drag their feet when it comes to getting things done that benefit students and staff. I suspect it may be as a result of an impatience with how slow some folks are to adopt new ideas.

Wouldn't it be neat if there was some way to help folks find a way ahead that worked for them?

That's why I've taken an interest in coaching and technology, hoping that the intersection of these two fields will yield some insights and ideas for changing how we approach technology in education. I'm a "Rank: Beginner" when it comes to coaching, and could barely sit through presentations at work on the subject. I regret that the way I learn doesn't involve sitting in a cafeteria or auditorium listening to a lecture on the subject. Ah, the effects of blogging and PLNs, I suppose.

I was quite surprised when I stumbled upon a treasure trove #edtechcoach ing resources, including the ISTE Digital Coaching page.

Dr. Dawn Wilson and Dr. Katie Alaniz' work on coaching technology integration.

Who knew this event existed? Coaching Digital Learning MOOC-Ed - Starts February 23, 2015: (Update: link was corrected)

Dr. Kristi Shaw's Resources:

Coaching Models

Educator Effectiveness

Evaluation of Technology Coaches

Thanks to Jeanne Reed for sharing this survey, ISTE-C for Digital Age Coaches.

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Anonymous said…
The ISTE-C self-evaluation coach survey is enlightening.

Thanks for sharing. I have some work to do.

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