Blogging #TCEA15 with @Evernote and @Postachio

Web version of Note Creation using Evernote Web

I have always hated it that Twitter contribs disappear into the twittersphere after a few days, so I wanted to quickly capture #TCEA15 content before it disappeared. But I didn't want everything.

While I could have used any variety of curation tools available; I wanted something simple and easy that worked with "my flow." This took about 1.5 hours over TCEA week to capture and share! That is an incredibly SHORT investment for GREAT returns.

As an Evernote Premium user and (turns your Evernote into blog entries), I decided to use this combination. Here's what I did to create a blog entry:
  1. For audio, I record interviews and presentations using Hi-Q MP3 Recorder on my Android phone (try Voice Record Pro on an iPad or iPhone as an alternative). Hi-Q allows you to easily place content on Dropbox, or Evernote in a note. For example, I recorded several interviews with people, saved them to Evernote Note, then wrote the "blog entry" in Evernote around the audio file.

    While you can use Evernote's built-in audio recorder, if you are on Android (which I was), you will have to convert the AMR audio formatted file to MP3 to make it more accessible for others.
  2. For pictures and notes available via Twitter, I just created a note in the Notebook in Evernote.
  3. To embed slideshows, videos, I simply copied the embed code and pasted it into an Evernote note and when it published, automatically embedded the content. VERY easy.
  4. For live events that I took notes on what was shared, I typed it directly into the Evernote note.
To publish items, I added the "published" tag to auto-publish (I also tagged each entry with "tcea2015" to ensure I could easily share all relevant blog entries. Again, this was one of the easiest TCEA Conferences to keep track of and I'm thrilled at how easy this stuff is. The main benefit of using Evernote is that I have all this great content that I can keep coming back to again and again...and you get to see it because enabled me to share it as a series of blog entries!

Check out the stream...


If you're following my feed on #TCEA15, you may have noticed that I'm saving notes and audio recordings using Evernote on my Android phone. Audio recorded into Evernote using an Android phone can be easily converted to MP3 using, an online audio converter.
Problem: AMR audio formatted file, as shown below:
Here's what the experience looks like:

Here's the download screen:

Here's the downloadable MP3 file (of course, you can always change the filename to start with or end with):

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