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Competing Visions - @TCEA #TECSIG #txed #edtechcoach

Roadblock #4 - Competing Visions for Instructional Technology "Do you think technology integration has failed?" I asked a colleague. His response was less than hopeful. For many of us across the State, Instructional Technology suffered a crippling blow when the state technology allotment was cut. These positions at the district and campus level exist only by the grace of habit or current leadership. A new model is needed that we can all join together and support. 

To that end, I commit to inviting TEC-SIG members and others to develop a model for District Curriculum Coaches—which builds on the work of Dr. Dawn Wilson and Dr. Katie Alaniz--whose responsibilities span more than data analysis, high stakes test prep strategies, and focus on proven instructional strategies that replace 20th century pedagogical practices with blended learning. Rather than abandon instructional technology to islands of isolated local funding, we can work together to map a path ahead that all Texas di…

Participant-Driven: Unconference Meetings for #TxEd #EdTech Leaders

With the new technologies that connect us, why rely on traditional organizations--TCEA and CoSN--to setup the venue and curate the conversations? It's a dangerous question and one that many technologists are already considering as edcamps and "unconference conferences" gain in popularity.
Many technology professionals in Texas are already agreeing to work through a variety of topics on their own, organizing their own "unconference" meetings. Instead of post-its on a wall, though, agendas grow organically as tech directors add their ideas/questions to a GoogleDoc. Everyone gets their time in the sun.
An unconference, also called OpenSpace conference is a participant-driven meeting. The term "unconference" has been applied, or self-applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, such as fees, sponsored presentations, and top-down organization.  Source:WikipediaRather than attending as "indivi…

Building Partnerships - @TCEA #TECSIG #txed

Roadblock #3 - Vendor Interactions
"Why are they doing this to us?" asked on irritated technology director. She was referring, of course, to the plethora of digital textbook adoptions, each of which had a different username and password convention. Like others across Texas, I found myself spending precious hours trying to get the right username and password combination setup for students and staff at campuses in my district. 
For smaller districts, the challenge is no different than large districts--inconsistency, no voice or way of making displeasure known. TEC-SIG has, in the past, risen up to sound the alarm when inefficient practices and/or policies are imposed. 
As a TEC-SIG Officer, I offer to advocate on behalf of both large and small districts. My experiences as a director in both urban, as well as rural districts, enable me to empathize and represent your needs.

Detour - Serve as the voice of school districts suffering beneath the yoke of poorly thought out account mana…

MyNotes: Unit 1 - Coaching Digital Learners #CDL_MOOCEd

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How exciting to be joining in on the MOOCEd for Coaching Digital Learners! There is so much awesomeness in Unit 1, it's hard to know where to start (well, unless you decide to follow the outline!)


An approach to professional learning in job-embedded supportShould not be a part of the evaluative processBuild trust and relationshipShare your expertiseIT Coaches share their competences in 3 distinct areas:Tech integrationlesson designcoachingFocus on pedagogy and the learning objectives...a really effective learning strategy.Need to rethink the redesign of lessons when using technologyAt the heart of good coaching is effective communication and collaboration skillsThese skills lead to trustful and open relationshipsStart with asking questions about current teaching and learningActive listening helps ensure those you coach that you hear and value them as a collaborative partner.Key questions:What are the dispositio…