Saturday, January 3, 2015

Visioning: Building a Bridge @djce57 @tracyrosen @thejlv #txed

Earlier this year, Tracy Rosen sent out a modified tweet that brought me face to face with one of my Twitterchat contributions...I promptly promised myself that I'd come back to this blog entry, but realize now it's been months! The conversation came back to mind after an exchange featured at the end of this blog entry.

Here's the original conversation:

Jose's initial question was, How does one deal with the dissonance of our visions and our oft crashing realities?

That is a question I often ask myself, although in a different way: How can I keep envisioning a better tomorrow when today is such a pain in the rear?

The process of creating a vision is the bridge out of an unpleasant present to a desirable future. But it's a bridge you don't build alone...but together with others who commit to a better way ahead.

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