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Becoming a Google Education Trainer (GET) is a lot of work. Here are three reasons becoming a GET might be helpful for you:

Your School has invested in Google Tools and Devices

If your school is using Google Apps for Education, Chromebooks, Android Tablets, it is important to have staff members who are knowledgable to support the teachers and students in your building or district. 

Becoming a GET will provide you with deep product knowledge, training experience, and inside connections to help support the technology your school is using.

You are considering a change in position or role

As the use of educational technology increases, the need for highly experienced, innovative educators who can support and demonstrate the effective use of technology in the classroom will also increase. 

Some technology using teachers are interested in supporting the use of technology in the classroom as a full time Instructional Technology Specialist, Media Specialist, Director of Instructional Technology, etc. 

Such positions are few and competition is high. Being able to say that you are a "Google Education Trainer" can be a great resume booster and provide you with a credential that few others have. 

You would like to become an EdTech Consultant

Not every school has the resources for a full time Instructional Technology Specialist however every school has a need to support and maintain educational technology. 

Schools frequently contract with independent technology experts to obtain the necessary services and expertise to train staff and support their tools. 

Google Education Trainers are qualified to provide professional development and support on behalf of Google. 

As a Google Education Trainer your name will be added to the GET directory where schools can search for a local Google expert. 


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