My Top 5 #Chromebook Productivity Tools for Leaders and Managers in Education

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If you're a leader and/or manager--gee, go have that debate somewhere else--you may encounter many of the challenges I do. The more I learn about leading, the more I enjoy being a manager. Some of the tools I use that enhance my ability to manage include the following:

  1. Email Tracking - As an admin in schools, I hate sending emails then wondering if people have actually read them, much less opened them.  That's where these tools are handy! These services can be expensive, however, so you'll need to decide if you need this level of tracking. Most have some kind of trial period. Of course, you can be creepy about this, so avoid that! And, you can use these tools--PixelBlock and UglyEmail-- to block tracking on a computer (although they won't help you if you're on a mobile device).
    1. - Add to the end of email addresses your writing to (e.g. and this will track emails sent. You'll need to get a free account. Has a different approach but works! And, no cost!
    2. MXHero for Chrome -  It makes it possible for you to know when someone is reading your email, as well as clicking links and opening attachments to that email.This is my favorite tool but expensive!

    1. ContactMonkey - Free version includes 100 emails a month.

    1. Bananatag - An aggressively priced email tracking tool. Check their pricing!

    1. Yesware Email tracking - A Chrome add-on, includes free two month trial with limited features afterwards at no cost or at great cost otherwise! (smile)

    1. Sidekick Email Tracking - Yet another tracking tool.
    2. MailTrack for Chrome - This is another alternative. It didn't work all that well for me, but I had several others going at the same time.

  2. MicNote - In meetings a lot? So am I. Record those using MicNote, an inexpensive note-taking and recording tool that syncs those up for you, then lets you save it all to GoogleDrive or Dropbox.
  3. Evernote Clipper - As an avid Evernote user, the Clipper makes it easy for me to quickly save content I run across on the web, as well as emails, anything and put it into Evernote, my organization tool. Alternatives include MammothHQ. 
  4. Awesome Screenshot - Run across something you need to share with others on the web? Use Awesome Screenshot to snap a picture and then annotate it. If you need video, then Screencastify is the video recording tool to use (here is a list of other screencasting tools)
  5. Google Drive Quick Create - Need to quickly create GoogleDocs, Sheets, Spreadsheet, Presentation or Drawing? Then this is the extension you need!

    And a bonus one -
  6. Google Keep - Need to create short checklists? Try Google Keep! This has been invaluable as I've created to-do lists, purchasing lists, shared them with my secretary and others to ensure we're all on the same track. Since they are Google-based, they are collaborative and depend on your Google Drive storage...which is unlimited if you're using GoogleApps for Education.

These are my must-have tools that I use daily multiple times a day. What are your's?

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