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Doug "Blue Skunk" Johnson has the right of it when he asks:
Can technology allow teachers to "save face" in the change process? I am not terribly sure technology actually allows a teacher to do anything that could not have been done in a non-tech environment. Couldn't we have always differentiated instruction despite not having LMSs and iPads and such? Of course. 
The answer is, "Yes, sure we could have." The truth is that very few of us are differentiating instruction or engaging in teaching that is research-based and effective, speeds student learning rather than inhibits it. Only today I had the chance to see a Spelling Bee, valuable not so much because of spelling vocabulary words but more as an academic social activity. At the front-end of that, the traditional appeal was made--"Let's all be quiet. The only person who we should hear is the speller."

The appeal for quiet. In a world constantly filled with sound, a little quiet isn't such a bad thing. With technology, we no longer need ask how we can transform teaching and learning. That task is already done by a global army of innovators who works with children daily. Rather, we must find ways to stand on the shoulders of connected learners that span the world.

Save face? How petty we are to worry about our looks when we could do so much more. And, we all fall short of what we could be. Fortunately, since we're all down here, we can all help each other.

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