A Few Stories of @Evernote Excitement

Evernote. Yes, the word excites many of us. If you're like me, you have countless notes and data saved in Evernote, accessing it on your Mac, Windows and/or via the Web. In this blog entry, I share many of my blog entries featuring Evernote. Who knew I'd written so much?

  1. 28 Tips to Turbo-Charge Your Leadership with Evernote
  2. Backing up and Sharing Your Evernote Notebooks
  3. Three Steps to Walkthrough Checklists with Evernote
  4. Evernote and Hootsuite - Easy Sharing?
  5. Inviting Others to Tweet Tweet
  6. Capturing Student Work via Email to Evernote
  7. Hitch Your Wagon to New Learners
  8. Powerbot for Gmail
  9. Encrypting Evernote with Mailvelope
  10. Seven Ways to Collect Student Work
  11. Evernote and Postach.io (online blogging with Evernote)
    1. Zombies Inspire
    2. Three Steps to Sharing Meeting Notes with Your Team
    3. Sharing Ideas with Freshmen Students
    4. Make Your Own Book Study ebook
    5. Study Group Organization
    6. Writing Down Their Words
    7. Five Actions for Empowering School Administrators
    8. What Student Writers Do
    9. Go Digital: Teaching Non-Fiction Writing
    10. Blog your List of FAQs
    11. Exploring Evernote and Postach.io for Education Use
    12. Wired for Drama
    13. Curating Content with Evernote and Postach.io
    14. iPad blogging with Evernote, Postach.io and EverClip
    15. Reorganizing Evernote with Postachio
    16. Getting RSS from Evernote with Postachio

I decided to spare you the whole series expressing my displeasure with Evernote discontinuing RSS feeds for its notebooks. :-)

As a bonus, check out this video by Evernote Scott:

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Available online 01/03/2015 - http://goo.gl/TW74bl

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David Andrade said…
Nice collection of articles - I'm going to read through them. Here is my collection - feel free to reshare and use.

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