40+ Tales of #Encryption to Warm Your Heart #crypto

As I was writing my blog entry on encryption on an iPad earlier today, I wondered how many times I'd actually written about encrypting files, etc. "How many times have I repeated myself on this subject over the years?" I wondered. Apparently, quite a bit!

This is a round-up of encryption blog entries in case you missed them and/or suffered from insomnia and needed something to knock you out. OR, you wanted to see how my approach to encryption has evolved over the years.


40+ Encryption Related Blog Entries

  1. Encrypting Files on an iPad
  2. Securing Confidential Info - Laundry List of Tools
  3. VeraCrypt for Data Protection
  4. Encrypt Your Gmail Email Messages
  5. When the Culture of Openness Fails
  6. Decluttering and Organizing Your Digital Space
  7. Encrypting External USB Drives (Linux)
  8. Safeguarding Your Data - Keep It Simple
  9. Safeguarding Your Logins and Passwords
  10. Open Source Encryption Tools to Protect Your Privacy
  11. Managing Your Virtual Presence
  12. Encrypting Files the Easy Way
  13. Five Encryption Tips for School Administrators
  14. Embrace Encryption
  15. Protecting Confidential Student Records
  16. NCrypt Encryption for Windows and Linux
  17. Encrypting Your Data? You Should Be?
  18. Protecting Data Is STILL Your Responsibility
  19. Protecting Your Privacy
  20. Re-examining Privacy
  21. Draft of an Online Course on Securing Confidential Data
  22. Encryption Tool for Mac Improves
  23. Securing Your Passwords on Chromebook
  24. Keep Your Stuff Secure
  25. Thirteen Tools for Productivity on your iPad and Chromebook
  26. Five Tips to Help with Heartbleed and Security
  27. BitTorrent Sync and Thunderbird Email Backups
  28. Encryption Fun for SAT
  29. Exploring Cloud Storage Solutions
  30. Why Care About Privacy
  31. Lock/Unlock Your Privacy
  32. Keep It Simple: Another Wrap-up of Privacy Tools
  33. Secret Space Encryptor (SSE)
  34. Securing Data via Encryption
  35. Why Secure Data
  36. Mac OS
    1. Decrypt Confidential Files on Mac OS
    2. Encrypt Confidential Files on Mac OS
    3. Install AESCrypt on Your Mac
  37. Windows
    1. Install AESCrypt on Windows
    2. Decrypt Confidential Files on Windows
    3. Encrypt Confidential Files on Windows
  38. Encrypting Evernote Notes with Mailvelope
  39. An Encryption Primer for Educators

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