Tuesday, December 2, 2014

File Commander for Mac - FastCommander

Earlier today I saw something quite frightening--a messy desktop on a Mac. The thought of clicking and dragging a few hundred documents and folders to their appropriate location gave me chills. But what to do? I immediately looked to my gold standard solution--some kind of File Commander for Mac.
Midnight Commander

I've grown accustomed to using Midnight Commander on GNU/Linux machines when handling more than 10 files/folders, that I can't imagine having to click-n-drag. Unfortunately, I needed something a bit more GUI for my end user's machine.

While I looked for various solutions, including revisiting an old favorite--muCommander, which works on Windows and Linux but not Mac OS 10 Yosemite anymore apparently--I ended up investing in Fast Commander, which cost less than $6 (I'll forego a donut and coffee later this week).

Works like a charm!

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Anonymous said...

Double commander is pretty good and it's free...

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